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Partner Programs

Grow your business with Vidyard

The Vidyard Partner Program allows you to better serve your clients and uncover new revenue opportunities through the power of video.

Partner Programs

Become a Vidyard Partner

As a partner, Vidyard will support you in driving your clients’ video strategy powered by our trusted video platform.

Become a Partner

Program benefits

Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing on every opportunity that is referred and closed.

Onboarding and training

Level up your team with Vidyard’s best and brightest video experts.

Co-marketing opportunities

Opportunities to be featured across Vidyard marketing programs.

Partner discounts

Get exclusive pricing on Vidyard products and services.

Exclusive content

Access to ungated marketing collateral in our partner portal.

Dedicated partner manager

Supported by your very own partner manager.

Trusted Partners

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Referral Program
Join our Referral Program today

As a member, you get access to training and enablement content, revenue sharing, and more.

  • Create your account
  • Refer clients to Vidyard
  • Receive 10% commission when they become a customer
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Referral program benefits
Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing on every opportunity that is referred and closed.

Access to training

Access to our partner portal with training and enablement content.

Valuable Insights

Easily register leads, track pipeline, and view referred deals via the partner portal.

Trusted Partners
For Vidyard Partners
Video Selling Certification

Become a trusted resource for businesses looking to sell more with video.

With a Video Selling Certification, your agency can expand its services while helping your clients grow their revenue. You’ll obtain the expertise and tools needed to build tailored services to help businesses use video to prospect new business, work opportunities, and close more revenue.

Become a Partner
Program benefits
Grow Your Business

Build services for the sales teams, earning larger retainers in shorter sales cycles.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Expand your service portfolio and outpace your competition.

Fill the Void

Businesses are looking for enablement on using video in their sales process.

Earn Your Badge

Display your VSS badge on marketing materials to validate your expertise.

Improve Client Success

Transform the way your clients communicate with video throughout the sales process.

Help Drive Results

Help your clients exceed their revenue and pipeline targets with video selling.

Video Selling Certified Partners

Become a Vidyard Partner

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