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Vidyard makes it easy to connect with clients and modernize your communications through the power of personal video. Get started today!

A Finance Professional records a screenshare video showing financial earnings.

Built for Brokers and Advisors

Stay Connected

Send one-to-one videos to update clients, walk through a proposal, or clearly explain new ideas.

Show and Tell

Answer questions and offer tips with videos captured from your webcam, screenshare, or smartphone.

Fast and Free

Quickly record and share unlimited videos, right from the tools you already use: Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Make video part of your financial services company’s digital transformation. Learn how Vidyard improves the customer experience and simplifies compliance across financial organizations.
Vidyard provides actionable insights about your video viewers and powerful integrations to the tools you already use.

Make Business More Personal

Whether you’re a financial broker, advisor, accountant, or consultant, make business personal even when you’re remote.

  • Send one-to-one videos to maintain a personal connection
  • Easily record and share custom tips, updates, and more
  • Customize your videos to match your personal or business brand

Make business personal again.
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