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Drive more pipeline

Vidyard GoVideo is the webcam and screen recording tool designed for B2B sales professionals. Send videos that generate more pipeline, keep deals moving, and turn leads into customers

Using Govideo, woman records herself speaking over a Google Slides presentation
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Create videos
that stand out

Put a face to your name with video. Record
your face, your screen, or both for prospecting
videos, follow-ups, product demos, and more.

  • Record your webcam, browser tab, or full screen
  • Add in-video calls-to-action to guide prospects
  • Book meetings right from the video
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Send your
videos in just
a few clicks

Share your team’s videos using the outreach
tools you use every day. Pull together the best
videos from shared team libraries into curated
playlists for each opportunity.

  • Send demos, testimonials, presentations, and more
  • Embed animated thumbnails and send directly from Gmail
  • Customize your video sharing pages
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Know who’s
watching your

Keep track of which opportunities are engaging with your videos so you can follow up at the right time. Integrate view data with your CRM to see how video drives pipeline for your sales team.

  • Get real-time notifications when your video is viewed
  • Push video analytics data contact records in your CRM
  • Track team performance with pre-built Salesforce reports
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Integrated with
Chris Broughton
Technical Support Specialist

Customer Success

Your success
is our business

We’re here to help you close deals. You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager, personalized onboarding and training, and a highly responsive technical support team – even at the end of the month.

Tonni Bennett
Terminus, VP Sales

Our account executives are finding that GoVideo makes it quick and easy to create videos and send them to customers on the fly.

Travis Bickham
Tradeshift, Enterprise Marketing

There’s a lot of noise out there. Video allows us to punch through that.

Kyle Norton
League, VP Sales

We got success immediately. Somebody that you couldn’t get a meeting with is all of a sudden saying “Hey, really appreciate you taking the time to send me something so personal”.

What’s included


Start connecting with prospects using video.

  • Screen, tab, and webcam recording
  • View tracking and notifications
  • Share via email
  • Post to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin
  • Unlimited videos
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For teams

Get all the tools you need
to drive pipeline with video.

  • All free features
  • In-video calls-to-action
  • Shared team libraries
  • Curate video playlists
  • CRM integration
  • Embed videos
  • Single sign-on
  • Custom branded sharing pages
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Man using Vidyard GoVideo to record and insert a video into an email

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