98% of sales reps say they are more likely to stay with a company if they’re offered ongoing development.


But those same reps rated their coaching sessions mediocre at best.

From building out a team to managing existing reps, sales leaders have more challenges than ever before. How can modern sales teams stay focused on the right metrics and consistently hit the big numbers?

Join sales and marketing leaders from Ambition, AA-ISP and Vidyard as they discuss everything you need to keep your sales team motivated, productive, and empowered today.

You'll discover:

  • Contests, competitions and incentives that keep a diverse team motivated and productive
  • Coaching strategies to ensure your team is nimble and prepared in the face of aggressive revenue targets
  • How to set up the right KPIs and holding reps accountable in the right ways
  • Actionable tips—and mistakes to avoid—when building an all-star team


Ashley Gagliano Ashley Gagliano

Ashley Gagliano

Executive Director, Global Sales & Services

Hana Elliott Hana Elliott

Hana Elliott

VP Marketing

Ellen Stafford Ellen Stafford

Ellen Stafford

Business Development Manager