Personalized video is one of the hottest trends in sales prospecting.


But how can you take it beyond reading the same old script on camera?

We asked two groups of video-selling experts to bring their most creative ideas to “videoify” real sales pitches submitted to us by real reps.

In this webinar, watch as scripts and email templates transformed into engaging video concepts, unleashing the authentic personality and humor of each rep.

You'll learn:

  • Easy and effective ways to add video to your sales sequence
  • Creative tips for using webcam and screen capture videos
  • Best practices for creating an engaging narrative with video


Shawn Karol Sandy Shawn Karol Sandy

Shawn Karol Sandy

Chief Revenue Officer
The Selling Agency

Matt Heinz Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz

Heinz Marketing

Morgan Gillespie Morgan Gillespie

Morgan Gillespie

Account Executive

Colin Campbell Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing
Sales Hacker, Inc.

Marilyn Cox Marilyn Cox

Marilyn Cox

VP Marketing
Clubessential Holdings, LLC

Tyler Lessard Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

VP, Marketing