Security & Encryption

Safely and securely customize
demo videos with customer data

You know every single lead is unique, with their own wishes and demands. That means that every potential customer needs you to show them how they would benefit from your product or service within their specific environment. Convince them with a video demo that includes their own data or software, while offering them the comfort and security of knowing that their information and the video will be accessible by only those they trust.

Email Integration

Send pre-recorded demo videos quickly, right from your email

One of the best problems to have is too many potential customers and not enough time to offer live demos to each of them. With Vidyard’s email integration, you can send your sales team and your customers powerful, relevant pre-recorded demo videos, created and hand-picked by you. Send this personalized experience from right inside your email, so you can touch every single deal and then get back to what you want to focus on.

Switchboard Reporting

Find out what your potential customer thinks about your demo

With all the hard work you put into demos, and explaining everything through and through, it’s useful to know how it’s received. With Switchboard, you’ll know exactly when leads watch your videos sent with the Vidyard email integration. You’ll know which parts they watched, skipped, or re-watched, so if they need more information, you’ll know exactly which specifics to cover--or not cover--in future conversations.

Video Analytics

Improve demo content to close more deals

You know all the in’s and out’s your product or service--the tech specs, the use cases, and even what colors it looks best in. But being so close to it, are you confident that your demos are giving each customer exactly what they want and need to know? With detailed analytics, you can see what leads watched and rewatched and where they dropped off. You’ll be able to strengthen your next demos to better close deals.

Viewer Analytics

Tailor your conversations
based on viewer response
to your videos

Wouldn’t it be useful and awesome to know how your prospects are responding to different demos? Not just what they tell you, but the actual data on what they watched or skipped or had to re-watch. Then you’d know what to talk to them about, and where to focus your next demo, including areas of interest or confusion. You can--with detailed Viewer Analytics (that are also added to the Salesforce contact record).