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Chapter Five

Convincing your sales team to adopt video

Some salespeople understand the value of video intuitively and adopt it without hesitation. (Some on your team may already use it. Ask around.) Others see it as an interruption to a process that’s already working for them, and will hesitate. To get the entire organization to understand video’s utility and to adopt it in a fashion that quickly impacts pipeline, sales leaders need to sell their team on the idea.

Sometimes, this happens bottom-up. One Vidyard customer picked a few of their lowest performing sales reps and asked them them to use video for several weeks. These reps improved so much that the company’s top-performing reps begged leadership to let them use video too.

Tips from the Pros
How do you convince sellers to start using video?
Salespeople are creatures of habit—they send messages, book meetings, and repeat. To introduce something new, you have to disrupt that. The rollout can’t just be, ‘Hey here’s a video tool that gets better response rates.’ You have to spell it out in a plan with goals and show them precisely how to work it into their process.
Dan Wardle

Head of Business Development, Vidyard

Other times, video spreads top-down. Leadership becomes convinced of video’s value, creates a series of gold-standard videos, and has the entire team get certified on using video before they’re allowed to go live. Leadership may encourage video sales with spiffs for closing deals using video, or make the video certification a prerequisite for promotion.

If you find yourself in the position of having to convince management or leadership of the power of video, the best move is to get meta: Send them a video about video. Tout the benefits of selling with video (3x higher response rates), share case studies (Act-On drove 40% more leads), and tell them about your plan for rollout.

The benefits of video in sales

  • Earn greater inbox presence: 3x higher response rate
  • Build relationships at a distance: Next-best thing to meeting in-person
  • Explain complex topics simply: Show and tell at the same time
  • Save time: Higher response rates mean more time spent actually selling
  • Accelerate deal cycles: Move deals forward with screen share explanations

Case studies show video works

Check out even more case studies that highlight the power of video for sales

The next chapter explains how to get sales teams up and running with video.