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September 10, 2014

New Report Offers Insight Into Future of Video Marketing

Download the new research reportIf you want to learn about the latest best practices in the world of video marketing and where the industry is heading, this latest Demand Metric report is a must-read!

Demand Metric, an independent marketing research and advisory firm, has just published the industry’s first comprehensive report on the video marketing landscape.

From the potential benefits of Video Marketing Platforms to a vendor analysis and selection criteria considerations, this latest report in the Demand Metric series is a whopper! Read on for some more perspective and a summary of the key insights, or click here to download the landscape report.

Spoiler alert: it’s all pretty awesome, and it sounds like you should be taking the future of video marketing pretty seriously.

Essential Nutrients for a Balanced Video Marketing Diet

The video marketing landscape has evolved quickly over the past 18 months. From basic tools for measuring views and engagement to rich integrations enabling individual viewer tracking and video ROI reporting, video marketing has emerged as an active industry serviced by dozens of different technology vendors.

So what exactly does the industry look like today and what are the potential benefits of video marketing? Who are the different technology vendors and what do Video Marketing Platforms now offer? What should marketers consider when selecting a vendor, and what are the characteristics of a world-class video marketing program? This new report from Demand Metric tackles it all. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key findings and recommendations.

Potential Benefits of Video Marketing

The jury is out: video marketing is much more than just creative production and online syndication. Effective video marketing can amplify the results of content marketing, social media and demand generation programs. It can increase audience engagement in your brand, improve your SEO efforts, and help you generate and qualify more sales leads in a shorter amount of time.

“When implemented properly, these elements work together to produce a wide array of benefits. Organizations should expect a hike in revenue from video marketing due to the projected benefits listed above.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about fuelling the demand generation funnel and driving more revenue for your business.

The Latest Functionality in Video Marketing Platforms

The latest breed of Video Marketing Platforms offer a wide range of features to address the varying requirements of different teams across the marketing organization. Standard solutions cater to the needs of Creative Services and Content Production teams by offering content hosting and streaming services, basic video analytics, playlist creation and customizable video players.

Comprehensive solutions add critical features for Demand Generation teams including centralized content syndication management, advanced video analytics, individual viewer tracking and Marketing Automation and CRM integration. Cutting-Edge solutions enable marketing leaders to gain insight into the ROI of each video asset, and extend the value of video marketing to the sales team with the ability to share videos directly with prospects from right within CRM systems.

“CRM video sharing, social sentiment and sharing analytics, video asset to ROI metrics and video mapping to the sales cycle are several features that will notably change the Video Marketing spectrum in the near future.”

The video marketing landscape is evolving quickly so make sure you keep up with the latest trends and capabilities of different types of solutions!

The Bottom Line

“As the demand for video as a source of content continues to grow, organizations must ensure that their Video Marketing program is implemented properly, streamlined for growth and optimized for success. In order to do so, companies should, at a minimum, contemplate the benefits that a Video Marketing Platform can provide in order to successfully manage, monitor, support and maximize their video efforts.”

And therein lies the key. Very few marketers doubt the importance of video as a part of the content marketing mix but it’s not just about using video to improve the results of marketing campaigns. It’s about maximizing the impact of your video assets throughout the buying journey and using video marketing to generate more leads, qualify more prospects and close more business.

For some more ideas on how you can get there, click below to download the Demand Metric Video Marketing Landscape Report!

Download the landscape report

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard is the VP of Marketing at Vidyard. Driving corporate marketing and business development, he's passionate about helping companies better use and measure the performance of their video marketing assets.

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