Well folks, here we are with the second instalment of Video Production 101!

In my last post I gave some advice about the consumer and prosumer level camera equipment you’ll want to consider when taking your marketing projects in house.

In this second episode I show you what to watch out for on set to make sure you record great audio and I share some examples of microphones that can help you capture crystal clear sound.

Tips for recording quality audio for video

My top tips for capturing crisp, clear audio include the following:

  • Consider using external microphones qualified for recording quality sound
  • Avoid filming in areas with loud fans or vents (the mic picks up the hum)
  • Avoid shooting in crowded areas or outside on a windy day

Let us know what you think!

Last time we got some great feedback via our social channels, and I love hearing what you guys think, so be sure to let me know if you have any questions about microphones or recording sound in general.

Blake Smith