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Hey, welcome back toVideo Vednesday–your weekly video selling tip.

Time is money as they say, but how do you take advantage of the latest sales tools to save your precious time when you don't have an unlimited budget or even any budget at all? Lucky for you there are tons of completely free workflow enhancements that you can use to save time and take your selling game to the next level. Some of my favorites include LeadIQ which is really great for finding contact information of prospects that you're trying to get ahold of. Calendly is another awesome tool that gives your prospects easy access to booking time in your calendar. This tool even integrates with my personal favorite Vidyard GoVideo, allowing your calendar to pop up as a call-to-action at the end of each video. And there are so many more. You can check some of our other topics over on the blog. And if you haven't already download Vidyard GoVideo. Happy Video Selling!