Bethany Bohme is a top Account Executive (AE) at MediaValet, a digital asset management software provider who is in the business of helping global companies organize, manage and share valuable digital assets.

To help build more personal connections with her accounts, Bethany recently introduced video as part of her selling process. She’s had great success so far including helping to close a large deal for MediaValet. You can learn all about her experiences in the video and post below.

Getting comfortable with video selling

In the beginning, Bethany was a little skeptical. Vidyard GoVideo was a new addition to the tech stack at MediaValet and she had to get used to the idea of adding video to her cadence. As an AE, Bethany would be leveraging video in a later part of the sales cycle (e.g., to go over pricing proposals or answer complex questions) rather than a prospecting use case leveraged by the sales or business development teams. However, once she got over her initial reservations and started using video, she started seeing success quickly. Complex questions could be resolved with video responses. With the ability to see who was opening and viewing her videos, she was able to get a sense of how engaged her opportunities were. Soon, she was sold.

Using video to support the sales cycle

Bethany often takes advantage of the screen-share functionality of GoVideo. While she’s sharing her screen, she can be seen in the corner of the video at the same time. This feature is useful for walking through a pricing proposal, re-visiting a specific product feature, or answering a question for her prospective customer.

This not only allows her to personalize the experience for her opportunities but also offers the ability to provide a greater amount of detail that would otherwise take a long email to convey. Video consolidates everything into a concise message that can easily be viewed and shared with other stakeholders involved in the deal.

Another way she is using video as part of her overall cadence is to reconnect with a client or prospect who has gone dark for a period of time. Sending a personal video and putting a face to a name is that extra step that differentiates herself from competitors.

Advice for Account Executives that want to get started with video

Bethany points out that many reps are already virtually selling using tools like video-conferencing. Adding video to your existing sales process just takes things a step further to really customize follow-ups with opportunities, regardless whether you’re an AE, a sales development rep, or a business development rep. As a sales professional, you’re able to add value along the way to not only engage a lead or prospect but to ultimately close the deal.

Erin McAnulty