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June 13, 2018

Crush Your Quota with Video

Lots of companies are leveling up their sales game with video. Not only are they seeing more meetings booked and more pipeline generated, but prospects are putting greater trust in those reaching out to them. Why? Body language is a huge factor in developing trust. Not only is video a super engaging medium but it also includes the body language factor that other outreach doesn’t.

Vidyard’s VP of Marketing, Tyler Lessard, sat down with sales gurus Trish Bertuzzi, Jamie Shanks, and Ralph Barsi. These four hashed out the tangible, positive impacts of video in business, and made predictions about where they think video in sales is headed. You can check out their full session plus summary below:

Ralph says, “Being strategic requires knowing that you have to attract prospects to you, rather than just pursuing them. Just know you’re an expert and can help them solve business issues.”

The Power of Social Proximity

This exercise is one of the group’s suggestions for recognizing connections. Picture the last customer you signed and put their logo in the center of a sheet. Both the individual that you spoke to at that company and the company as a whole both have a “sphere of influence.” Find where their spheres of influence and your own align, and see greater conversation velocity, especially when video is thrown in.

Being Human is Trendy (and Refreshing)

Video in business is the golden ticket to authenticity. Before making your sales video, keep the following in mind:

  • Put your priorities around people and lead by example
  • Let people experience how well you treat them and treat the marketplace in the same way
  • Leverage your ecosystem: Board of Directors, marketing organizations, partners, customers
  • When it comes time to talk, think about how you can treat them as human beings and look at their problems prior to them realizing why you’re reaching out
  • Foster a culture of approachability

What’s Next in Tech?

As our sales gurus are acutely aware, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. From ads to the workplace, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Jamie and his team are already leveraging AI to narrow focus on which accounts to prioritize and when. It can be used by anyone because it’s so embedded in business and allows us to be aware of patterns of human behavior and act on them at the right time.

Trish’s biggest piece of advice: Don’t “overtech” it or you’ll end up with WTF (wasted technology funds). Ralph adds that even before focusing on how tech is going to better enable your team, focus on writing great scripts and making great outreach videos.

Where’s video headed?

Jamie declares that video is the “purple cow” of business. Its overall use is not new, but personalizing it creates a more “student-teacher process” to get people thinking differently and embracing new perspectives. Video allows businesses to synthesize lots of information and makes them more human. Give thought to every outreach piece, and make sure your messaging is genuine. You don’t have to abandon the script to be natural; tailor the messaging to yourself and deliver authentically.

How are you crushing your quotas? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Khadijah Plummer

Khadijah is an English major turned BDR; when not making calls or videos, she can be found reading, buying vinyl, or making tacos.

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