Meet the Team is our monthly chance to introduce you to the fabulous, quirky, talented people that work at Vidyard, using our favorite medium — video! For this episode, we heard from Shikha Bindra, Account Executive here at Vidyard. Learn who the biggest influence is on her professional life and why a bowl of pho is like a warm hug on a cold day in this new video:

What Didn’t Make the Cut

Shikha had way more to say than just why Iceland is the land of fire and ice, so let’s dive into some of her answers that we couldn’t fit into the video!

What brought you to Vidyard?

It’s a bit weird, because I was actually going into law school. I had a law school offer in one hand and I had Vidyard’s offer in my other hand at the same time, and it was very difficult to make a decision at first. Growing up, I had always wanted to be a lawyer, and now this awesome opportunity at a local startup had come up. But then I realized, who did I actually want to learn from, what did I want to learn, and who did I want to be?

It would be cool to go back to school again, learn the legal system, and become a lawyer, but at the same time, it’s great to learn from someone like Michael and Devon. Two people who started Vidyard in their garage, and built it into a 200 person company. Vidyard was more of an appealing offer, and I’ve learned so much more than I would have in law school so I don’t regret it!

What is your favorite video on the internet right now?

There’s this video that I go back to when I scroll through Facebook, and I have to stop and watch it to the end. It’s that drinking and driving commercial with this younger guy that bought a puppy – a golden retriever – and grew up with it. Once it’s older, the guy starts going out more with his friends:

He’s out drinking more often, and you see this dog looking out the window waiting for his owner to come back. And one of the lines is “Sometimes the owners never come back,” and it really hits home. Luckily this owner does come back, and I love seeing the dog excited and happy again.

It gets to me how significant and emotional of a deal it is to drink and drive. And putting a puppy in the room versus a family member was totally different, so it grabs my attention every time I watch the video.

What do you do in your free time?

I am a Netflix junkie! I watch a lot of Netflix – I even have an app on my phone that gives me a trigger any time a new episode of a show I am following is about to start. So that’s where I am after work. Whenever I’m driving anywhere, I’m a huge Serial or general true crime podcast listener as well. I’ll be driving back from Toronto at midnight and listening to the creepiest podcast and I’m terrified but it’s amazing to hear how gruesome and crazy people are all over the world.

I also do a lot of yoga and weightlifting so I’m either lifting heavy objects or trying to improve my flexibility and internal strength. When I’m not doing all those things, I love visiting new cafes, and trying new hot beverages. Chai Lattes are my jam.

What was your favorite volunteer experience?

I’m a huge advocate for people with special needs and disabilities. In high school I volunteered with the special education program, and so I would regularly spend time with the students in that department, helping them in their day-to-day. I worked with them on things like helping them walk up stairs, and improving how fast they can walk up stairs, and learning how to clean up after themselves.

There was one individual that I worked with that was completely paralyzed, non-verbal, and blind. Her favorite thing to do was have a blow dryer blown in her face. It was a sense of feeling that she didn’t get anywhere else, so being a part of that, and hearing her laugh, was amazing.

That’s influenced me to work with special needs people throughout work and university, and go through a degree in psychology to learn more about their lives. They are significant people, they’re very special people, and they teach you to love in a way that nobody else can.

Jon Spenceley