Meet the Team is our monthly chance to introduce you to the fabulous, quirky, talented people who work at Vidyard, using our favorite medium — video! For this episode, we caught up with Miko Taruc, Software Developer here at Vidyard. Discover Miko’s favourite video game of all time, and why he wasn’t allowed to be a Power Ranger when he grew up:

What Didn’t Make the Cut

Miko shared a lot more than just his love of Pokemon, so here are a few more of his answers:

What is your favorite video on the internet right now?

My favourite video hasn’t changed since it came out. – it’s still the Gandalf one where everyone walks up the mountain and he yells out his little scream:

Ahh, it makes me laugh just thinking about it.

What brought you to Vidyard?

I had originally come here for a co-op term! My interviewers came in late that day due to a scheduling mixup, which pushed back all my other coop interviews. So I didn’t have much of a choice but to say yes to this one! I ended up loving the job so much that I stuck around an extra two terms, and then stayed for full time!

Jon Spenceley