YouTube now has more than 1 billion users and thousands of high-reach content creators to partner with, making the Google-owned social media video platform and network  one of the largest sites in the world and a goldmine for socially-savvy digital marketers.

Simply producing and publishing engaging videos, however, doesn’t always guarantee that a branded or brand-sponsored YouTube video will be viewed, liked, and shared. So how can marketers ensure that audiences will be receptive to their YouTube videos?

Which Types of YouTube Videos are the Most Popular?

YouTube has become increasingly inundated with content. Its users watch millions of hours and generate billions of views each day with an average viewing session at 40 minutes on mobile. So today’s most successful brand marketers must know which type of YouTube videos are most popular with audiences and understand how to develop highly-shareable “viral” campaigns around these ever-evolving viewer trends.

To determine the most popular types of YouTube videos, Mediakix first identified the top 300 YouTube influencer channels, then analyzed each content creator’s videos from the first half of 2015 to ascertain which videos received the highest number of views and social engagements. Based on these findings, we distilled the most popular YouTube videos down into the following 13 categories:


An Important Note For Marketers:

While taking advantage of these findings and trends can offer an advantage over competitors, marketers should keep in mind that providing genuine value—either through entertainment or information—is key to developing impactful YouTube videos and YouTube video campaigns.

What type of video do you (or, okay, your audience) view most on YouTube? Share with us in the comments!

Evan Asano