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August 14, 2023·6 min read

The Best Sales Video Examples to Help You Win More Deals

Check out our hand-picked list of the best sales video examples. Follow along with these sales templates to start connecting with more prospects, scaling your sales process, and closing more deals.

What does your sales process look like these days? Are you writing so many emails and LinkedIn messages that your fingers are numb? Having to shake yourself awake for yet another Zoom call? Are you getting sick of being ghosted by buyer after buyer?

If you’re like leading sales pros, you’re likely using a lot more video throughout your sales process. Tons of sellers are loving how much more engagement video gets.

But if you aren’t using video yet, no worries! We’ll give you ideas for getting started. We’ve collected the top sales video examples that sellers like you already use. Keep reading to see how to use these video examples to book more meetings, remove friction from the buyer’s journey, and speed up your deal cycles.

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  1. Contents
  2. Sales Video Examples to Get You Noticed
  3. The Best Sales Video Prospecting Examples
  4. The Best Sales Video Examples for Follow-Ups
  5. The Most Effective Sales Video Examples for Closing More Deals
  6. Get Creative in Your Sales Pitch Video
  7. Use These Sales Video Examples in Your Strategy

Sales Video Examples to Get You Noticed

Sales pros tell us that it’s getting more difficult and taking more touches to break through to buyers. Your prospects’ inboxes are overloaded with messages that just don’t connect. If your outreach will get noticed, it needs to be relevant—and, even better, personal.

A sales pitch video is the next best thing to being there in person. Consider it your crowbar for breaking through inboxes. Sending a sales video email or a prospecting video via LinkedIn can get you more responses. It can also reduce how much inbox fatigue your prospects feel, meaning they’re more likely to retain more of your video message than a text-based one.

Best of all, video messages are easy. Just use a free screen and webcam recording tool to put together a quick video, then attach a creative and eye-catching video thumbnail.

But getting a prospect’s attention is only half the struggle. The other half is keeping that attention.

Video retains its value all the way through your sales cycle. It’s a huge help for following up on your initial touches, keeping the conversation moving, and driving your deals to close.

Let’s put the theory to work. Here are the best sales video examples for sales prospecting, follow-up, and deal closing.

The Best Sales Video Prospecting Examples

Video can be the cure if your cold call or traditional outreach doesn’t land. Prospecting with video messages creates a human connection that text just can’t replicate. It showcases your personality and demonstrates how much effort you put into your communication—elements prospects love seeing.

And it really works! 63% of sellers say that video gets more responses.

Let’s get started. Try these two video templates for cold outreach.

Cold Outreach Sales Video Example

In this template, SDR-turned-sales trainer Katherine Caldwell demonstrates how to make a quick video that can be embedded into a cold email to a prospect.

This template is perfect for introducing yourself to your prospect in a personal way that they’ll remember. You’ll call out some of the challenges the prospect might face, then explain how your product can help.

Sample Video Script for Cold Outreach

Intro: Hey {prospect’s name}! No idea how often you get videos like this, but I’m reaching out because I noticed you’re {prospect’s role} at {prospect’s company}.

Purpose: {mention a few challenges the prospect may face in their role or industry}.

Value: {Ask the prospect if they have considered a solution similar to your product/service to solve the challenges you pointed out}.

Call to Action: Let me know if this sounds interesting, I’d be happy to have a conversation and discuss more if this is something you are thinking about or have on your radar.

Thank You: Thank you, {prospect’s name}.

Try this Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

Cold Outreach LinkedIn InMail Video Example

This template by Salesloft shows you how to create a simple but effective video to augment your LinkedIn InMail connection requests.

Cold connection requests tend to get rejected out of hand…but prospects are way more inclined to hit ‘Accept’ when you send a quick, personalized video like this.

Sample Video Script for LinkedIn InMail

Intro: Hi {prospect’s name}, I’m {your name} from {your company name}.

Purpose: I just wanted to make you a quick video. I was going through your LinkedIn, I’d really love to connect.

Value: {Mention what specifically stood out to you and why you would like to connect with the prospect on LinkedIn.}

Call to Action: I really appreciate it and would love to connect.

Thank You: Thanks!

Try this Video Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play
Sale rep holding up a piece a paper with prospect's name - for the Salesloft Cadence Template
Free Sales Prospecting Templates Sale rep holding up a piece a paper with prospect's name - for the Salesloft Cadence Template Get more responses and book more meetings with video prospecting. Try Templates

The Best Sales Video Examples for Follow-Ups

Video messages aren’t just for prospecting! They’re a great way to follow up on both initial touches and big milestones.

After you make that crucial contact with a busy prospect, it’s easy for you and your product to fade from their memory. But when you send a quick follow-up video to remind the prospect of top takeaways and next steps, it’s much more likely that you’ll stay on their mind.

Try these two video templates for follow-up.

Pre-Meeting Reminder Sales Video Example

Another great template from Salesloft helps ensure that your prospect shows up to the meetings they booked. It’s a quick and easy video reminder that keeps them engaged and fans interested in attending.

For Jordan, the Salesloft rep you’ll see in the example below, sending this type of video slashed his no-show rates. Try sending it to a few prospects yourself to see what kind of effect it has on yours!

Sample Video Script for Pre-Meeting Reminder

Intro: Hi {prospect’s name}

Purpose: I just want to make you a quick video to let you know I’m really excited to connect with you {time and day of call}.

Value: I did include the Zoom link below, so go ahead and click on that link right before the meeting, and it’ll take you right into the Zoom room.

Call to Action: If you’re having trouble logging in, go ahead and give me a call on my cell phone, which is included in my email message.

Thank You: Looking forward to it, I’ll see you here shortly. Thanks!

Try this Video Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

Post-Discovery Call Sales Video Example

Star sales trainer Shari Levitin shares her favorite video template to send after a sales discovery call.

Her “information confirmation” video template summarizes the key info you learned on the discovery call, crystallizes the reasons why the prospect’s issues need to be solved, and presents the way that you and the prospect can move forward toward a solution.

It’s heartbreaking when a deal dies at this stage—but with this video template, you can keep your prospect in the loop and drive that deal forward.

Sample Video Script for Post-Discovery Call

Intro: Hi {prospect’s name}, great to talk to you {day of the week the conversation happened}.

Purpose: As a recap, {briefly summarize what you learned about the prospect}.

Value: {highlight 2-3 main challenges that the prospect is facing that you can solve}

Call to Action: So, what I have done for you is I have given you some {highlight some resources about your company and product/service your prospect can learn from and include links in the accompanying email}. I look forward to our follow-up {confirm the follow-up date and time}.

Thank You: Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions; again, we look forward to working with you.

Try this Video Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play
A screenshot of a Vidyard video featuring a female salesperson waving at the camera while holding a small sign that says "Hi Lindsey, press play."
Free Follow-Up Video Templates A screenshot of a Vidyard video featuring a female salesperson waving at the camera while holding a small sign that says "Hi Lindsey, press play." Yay, you booked the meeting! Now keep deals moving and cut no-show rates with follow-up videos. Try Templates

The Most Effective Sales Video Examples for Closing More Deals

Just because you’re in the home stretch doesn’t mean the deal will go through. Just like for prospecting and follow-up, video email messages can help you accelerate the speed of your closed deals and win opps you might otherwise lose.

Try these two video templates for closing deals.

Pricing Comparison Sales Video Example

Another winning sales video example from Katherine Caldwell is perfect for warming your prospect up to your pricing structure before you have a formal discussion about it.

Outline the value of your product with a short, informative video. It’s a great point of reference for buyers to have and can be easily shared with the various stakeholders within the organization, which can help when you begin to negotiate.

Sample Video Script for Pricing Comparison

Intro: Hey {prospect’s name}! I just saw your email about scheduling some time to review pricing packages. I am happy to spend some time and book a meeting to discuss that with you.

Purpose: But I also thought it would be helpful to send you this quick video as it may answer all your questions. Feel free to share it internally. I know your {other stakeholders} will probably need to see this as well.

Value: I have pulled up the pricing packages here {demo the pricing packages on your screen}. As you can see, {provide details of the price and value they get for the price, compare and contrast what they get for different pricing levels}. {Emphasize any savings they can get}. {Recommend the package that you think is the best option for them}.

Call to Action: Let me know if you do have questions, I would be happy to meet with you in real-time if I missed anything

Thank You: Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Try this Video Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

Sales Proposal Walkthrough Video Example

Normally, when your buyer receives a sales proposal, they need to read it, synthesize it, and re-pitch it to the other stakeholders inside their organization.

With this video example by best-selling sales coach Todd Caponi, you can totally bypass that process. Follow this template to create a TL;DR version of your proposal that highlights key points. It’s a super-shareable resource that all relevant stakeholders can watch on their own time.

Sample Video Script for a Sales Proposal Walkthrough

Intro: Hey {prospect’s name}, so great catching up with you, and thanks for considering me to be a resource for you and the team at your upcoming {project, initiative, or program}.

Value: As promised, I’ve put together this linked proposal of what I’m recommending based on our discussion and the outcomes you’re trying to achieve organizationally. Here’s how it looks based on what we’ve discussed; {provide an overview of the program/product/offer and the value they offer}.

Purpose:{mention details of the specific components of the program/product/offer plus an overview of pricing and overall return on investment}.

Hopefully, that gives you what you need and aligns well with the outcomes that you are trying to achieve.

Call to Action: Be sure to share with {call out other relevant departments or individuals who should be involved}, and let me know if you have questions. And even if it doesn’t work out, we would love to hear that be a resource for you anyway. I know many people in this space who would love to make recommendations and point you in the right way.

Thank You: Thanks again, and looking forward to talking to you again soon.

Try this Video Template with Vidyard

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play

Get Creative in Your Sales Pitch Video

Once you get comfortable recording your sales videos, don’t be afraid to lean into your creative side and create video messages that really stand out. Use your humor, hidden talent, or even a gimmick to entice your viewer to click play. See some of the most creative sales video examples in the Sales FAQ video below from the Sales Feed team.

Creative Sales Video Examples to Get You NoticedVidyard video thumbnail - click to play

Use These Sales Video Examples in Your Strategy

We hope these sales video examples inspire you to take your video selling to the next level.

You can find all these templates (and many more) right inside Vidyard. Log in or sign up for Vidyard for free to start using all our templates in your sales process. Bonus: If you want an additional boost in creating your video scripts, try Vidyard’s AI Script Generator.

A woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator.
Vidyard AI Sales Script GeneratorA woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator. Let AI be your assistant and create sales scripts for you. Try it Now

This post was originally published on January 26, 2022. It was updated on August 14, 2023.

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