Holiday classics are classics for a reason. The original ‘holiday classic’ definition dates back to the early 1900’s and states that in order to qualify as a holiday classic, every person must have watched the film a minimum of 73.6 times, every person must be able to recite the script while icing an upside down cake, and every person must sing the soundtrack in their sleep while also changing the sheets … in their sleep.

True story.

Really, everyone loves a good holiday classic. But they’ve also been done over and over … and over. And in marketing – when we’re all looking for ways to touch the hearts of our customers, stand out, and be noticed – we can sometimes abuse them.

But hey! We’re all on the hook for crafting brilliant, original content around the holidays – we get it! No seriously, we were swingin’ for hours trying to come up with an original holiday video! Check it out:

Happy Holidays from the Team at Vidyard!

Kimbe MacMaster