Rare Republic registers 600+ leads with Vidyard [case study]

By Team Vidyard in Customer Success on February 13, 2013

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Rare Republic is an active community of consumers, producers, and suppliers who embrace real food and are dedicated to fostering transparency and trust in the food system. They celebrate local restaurants and provide consumers with healthy, cost effective food solutions. Andrew Coppolino is editor-in-chief of Rare Republic.

Business video strategy

Rare Republic determined video marketing was an ideal method to connect with local consumers in a series entitled “What does real food mean to you?”.

This consisted of hitting the streets, asking the general public and Rare Republic business subscribers what “real food” meant to them. The Rare Republic team produced 15 videos with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Vidyard features. They captured over 600 leads in 2 weeks, with only a modest budget.

Measurable Results:

  • 748 total minutes of video viewed
  • 78% click through rate from social media channels to http://manifesto.rarerepublic.com
  • 160% increase of traffic to http://manifesto.rarerepublic.com and http://rarerepublic.com
  • 608 leads captured

Key to Success:

  • Direct video capture using the BlackBerry PlayBook
  • A no post-production philosophy
  • The user upload widget
  • Custom video thumbnails
  • Automatic post-video redirect
  • In video analytics for optimization

Vidyard Features employed:

Direct Upload

This allowed Andrew to upload his video footage directly to Vidyard after capturing it. This is a quick way to record a message and send it to your audience as soon as possible. This feature worked great for Andrew because he had little to no post-production requirement. Allowing the Rare Republic team to rapidly and consistently create and deliver content.

Custom Thumbnails and A/B Testing

Rare Republic was able to test various versions of their video thumbnails and select the most effective without any technical knowledge. Once this information was captured, the Rare Republic team were able to use what they’ve learned for future videos. They used the type of thumbnail they know their audience would engage with, to create more click through rates and conversions.

Video Redirect

A simple and effective way to move their viewers from the videos to their site without requiring their leads to perform any additional action. The redirect option allowed Andrew’s team to easily and smoothly direct their leads to http://rarerepublic.com for registration.

In Stream Analytics

Andrew and his team were able to learn more about how engaged consumers were during the video. Using Vidyard’s new analytics center they were able to determine when viewers lost interest in the video, this optimization facilitated a rapid increase in leads generated throughout the program.

Andrew, what would you say to others considering Vidyard for their business video?

“Every business large or small should use video for lead generation and branding. Vidyard allows me and my team to take control of the video process efficiently, quickly and with measurable results”

Watch the “What does real food mean to you?” series:

Editor’s Note: In our case study series, we’ll be talking to the Vidyard community about how they have used Vidyard to implement successful video strategies. Are you a Vidyard customer with some great results to share?Interested in sharing your case study with us? Send us an email or tweet @Vidyard and we can chat!

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