Personalized Video

Build excitement and
earn more attendees

With limited time and budget, potential attendees are choosy. How do you entice them to choose you and register? Send an event invitation that audiences can’t help but be captivated by with Personalized Video. It weaves in personal information like a viewer’s name or company logo right into a video (and its thumbnail inside an email). Discover powerful results, like a 200% increase in pre-event campaign click-through rates.

Viewer Analytics

Focus your registration efforts on those
who are truly interested

How many follow-up emails do you send to encourage registration? Do you poke, poke, poke, and even consider flashing people to get responses? Your personalized email invite will get the best attention, and with unmatched analytics on who watched it, how long, and how many times, you’ll have intelligence on who’s most likely to register. Then you can follow-up wisely, and turn the most engaged viewers into registrants.


Tie event content
to revenue

Demonstrate the impact of live and on-demand video content generated at events in the form of new leads, influenced pipeline and closed deals through integrations with marketing and sales systems.

Vidyard Live

Share your event experience
with more people than your
venue can hold

Are you letting four walls limit your reach? More engaging than after-the-fact press releases or website posts, live streaming brings your event to a broader audience. Not just in a once-and-done sort of way: when the event is over, your live stream becomes on-demand video for lasting impact. And with viewer analytics, you can learn what resonates most, so your future events will be even more powerful.

Video Hubs

Showcase your event content for maximum ROI

When your event is over, the first things you probably want to do are sleep, take a relaxing bath, and sleep. Oh and sleep. While you’re snoring away, your event can keep generating interest, leads, and customers. How? Make your event keynotes and sessions available for attendees or other audiences on a branded Video Hub. The powerful on-demand experience will maximize your return on investment.