Video Analytics

Get better and better
with intelligence about your videos

Look back on a portfolio you can be proud of, while making sure that every future project is more powerful, more impactful, more inspired. How? By understanding how each video performs. When are people dropping off? What parts are they re-watching? You can even edit and reuse good videos to make them incredible, instead of starting over. With unmatched analytics, you’ll be even better at your craft than you ever imagined.

Personalized Video

Grab the attention of
Every. Single. Person.

Yes, videos are created so hundreds or thousands of people can watch. So how do you give each viewer a unique experience that speaks to who they are? By weaving in personal information like a viewer’s name, email address, company logo and more right into a video. It’s not just a party trick--Personalized Video keeps people watching longer, so they absorb more of your message and become more invested on a human level.

A/B Split Testing

Take the guessing out of which
thumbnail will attract clicks

No matter how amazing your video is, your audience will never watch it and become a customer if they don’t click play. How do you get them to watch? With the best splashscreen image or thumbnail. So don’t settle for an automated image, or one you think just looks fun. (Although, puppies are usually a good choice!) Video is as much a science as an art, so A/B split test which splashscreen will get the most clicks.

Content Management

Content Management

With many stakeholders on a video project, sharing edits in a secure and easy way is important to keeping the project on schedule.