CSAT. NPS. Deflection Rates. If these terms mean anything to you, you almost certainly work in customer support. And if you’re anything like most customer support reps, you’re under a lot of pressure to keep up with demanding customers, while still providing the highest caliber of service. Not only do you need to keep customers happy, but also save support and onboarding costs, and even upsell while doing it. And you already know this isn’t an easy task, especially in this “snapchat world” where demanding customers would rather watch a 3-minute how-to video than read a 1300 word knowledge base article.

You need something that will delight your customers, while quickly resolving their issues, and saving you money. You need video.

Video is the best way to clearly deliver a message online without that message getting caught in translation. Emotions, spoken word, mannerisms are all captured within a video to appropriately capture the essence of your message. This is incredibly important when your customer experience team is dealing with customers who are in dire need of a well rounded answer to any problem they may be experiencing. Specifically, video for customer support is key when working on resolving ticket faster, delivering personalized support to show customers you care and measuring the impact of video on your team’s ROI.

Let’s take a quick look at three scenarios when video will help you succeed in providing outstanding customer support!

Resolve support tickets faster, the first time

There’s no need to spend countless hours sending emails back and forth when video can easily communicate and visualize problems that can be fixed. Easily send a video to help out with an issue and get it right the first time.

Deliver personalized support to show customers you care

🎶 Say my name, say my name 🎶

Personalize your videos to show your customers you care about them. Saying their name at the very beginning and throughout the video will make a world of a difference. They’ll feel special and be more intrigued by what you’re saying since you are talking to them on a first name basis (And by the way, this is quicker than writing an email 😉)

Measure the impact of video on your team’s ROI

When you and your team are collectively using video to help support your customers you’ll see a massive spike in engagement from the customer’s end. Use the data behind your videos to find out how you can use video to make even more of an impact. Noticing that your viewers aren’t sticking around to watch that 5 second intro? Cut it out and get straight to the point. Your team’s ROI will be way more noticeable once you integrate video into your daily routine.

Use video solve problems quicker, save your company some cash and get the issue solved the right way. Want to learn more? Watch this webinar to dive even deeper into these solutions for support video!

Taylor Jones