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Using Personalized Video to Boost Conversions

  • Video Marketing

Using Personalized Video to Boost Conversions

Personalized video is an exciting new way to create unique content experiences that bring your viewer right into the story by weaving each viewer’s name, title, headshot/photo, and company name directly into the video itself in a fully automated way. In this episode of Vidyard Chalk Talks we explore how you can use personalized video to boost your response rates, wow your customers, and become a real marketing legend.

Tyler Lessard

Personalized video is an exciting new way to create unique content experiences that literally bring your viewer right into the story. By weaving each individual viewer’s own name, company name, their title, their photo right into the video itself in a fully automated way, marketers are boosting response rates on outbound campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

But you can also use personalized video on your website and directly with your sales team to create compelling one-to-one experiences that drive better conversion rates and help you generate more pipeline.

My name is Tyler Lessard and in this Chalk Talk we’ll explore how you can use personalized video to boost your response rates, to wow your customers, and to become a true legend.

Personalized video can be an amazing way to boost conversion rates of both inbound and outbound marketing programs. But it can also be used throughout the buyer’s journey and even by your sales, success, and customer support teams to build better customer relationships, increase retention, and hopefully generate new upsell opportunity.

When I think about the types of personalized videos that you can use within your business, I break it down into two main categories. The first is the one-to-many personalized video campaign. Now this is where you’re doing an outbound marketing campaign to 500, 5,000, could be 500,000 individuals and you’re including a personalized video as a key call-to-action to drive greater engagement in that campaign.

The second is what I call just in time or on demand personalized video. And this is where you’re creating a one-to-one personalized video based on an action by your sales team or perhaps a triggered workflow from your website or your marketing automation system to hit a unique individual with a personalized video at just the right time.

So let’s start by exploring the first category, which is creating one-to-many personalized video campaigns. With one-to-many personalized video campaigns, you’ll be sending a personalized video to a broad list of individuals, typically using email as the delivery mechanism and automating the process through your email marketing or marketing automation platform.

Now the real power to these campaigns is including a personalized thumbnail image from the video right in the body of the email itself to drive higher click-through rates and ultimately more engagement within your campaign. Those doing it well have seen 300% or high increase in click-through rates by using a great thumbnail image from a great personalized video.

So when planning out and storyboarding your personalized video you want to make sure you’re planning which scene you’re gonna use for your thumbnail image. Make sure their name, company name, or whatever it is, is featured prominently in that scene and also that it’s not right in the middle of the frame where it might get covered up by a play button.

Now, there’s lots of different use cases for these one-to-many personalized videos, and here are a few examples we’ve seen from modern marketing teams that have been a great success.

First is using personalized video to help promote your events or conferences. If you’re hosting an event you know it can be a large expense and a large investment, but you can get great return if it goes really well. A personalized video can be a great way to invite your audience, your customers, and drive higher engagement, more registrations, and ultimately a more successful conference.

Or maybe you’re sponsoring an event and following it you have a list of leads that you need to engage with and convert into opportunities. A personalized video can be a great way to increase that conversion and generate a few more sales deals for your business.

Second is using personalized video to promote other content assets or hero campaigns that you’re doing as a marketing team. Let’s say you’re launching a new research report out to your audience. Sure, you can promote the report directly and talk about how great the guide is and what some of the stats are, but think about also promoting it using a personalized video.

Include the individual’s name and invite them to come and download the report and feature some of the key stats and maybe how it relates back to their business by including their company name or logo.

The third is using video as part of account-based marketing, or ABM, programs. One of the biggest challenges of ABM is that we’re trying to get the attention of individuals who may not be engaged with our brand or looking to buy at this time. A personalized video can be a great way to stand out with individuals at a certain company and to get buzz going and open up sales conversations.

And finally, we’ve seen personalized video be a big hit during different holidays throughout the years as it’s the perfect time to be a little bit more fun, casual, and of course personal with your audience. It’s a great way to create a memorable brand experience, to thank them for being a customer, or to re-engage them in a sales conversation by playing off a fun theme around a different holiday.

The second type of personalized video are those that take advantage of just in time or on-demand personalization. Where, unlike the one-to-many model, where you’re generating the videos once and sending them out in a broad campaign, these videos can be rendered and shared in real time for each unique individual based on an automated action from your website, a back-end workflow trigger, or a manual request from your sales team.

This gives you more flexibility in how and where you use personalized video on your website and throughout your buyer’s journey, and also the type of personalized elements you use within your videos. These videos can be generated in a few different ways, which lend themselves well to a few different use cases.

First are those generated through some kind of automated triggered workflow action. Think about this from your website. Somebody’s on your website and they submit a form to request a content asset or to subscribe to your blog, or perhaps to request a trial or a demo.

That could automatically trigger a personalized video to be generated for that individual, perhaps using data from the forum that’s unique to them, and that could be shared with them via email or immediately on the page to engage them in the conversation, to thank them for taking that action, or to let them know what to expect next to make sure you optimize the conversion rates at each stage thereafter.

The second is through some kind of automated back-end workflow. Say, for example, an account activation. Somebody’s account gets activated on the back end, that could automatically spur a personalized video to be generated, perhaps with a thumbnail image with a shot or your product with their logo in it or something like that.

That could then be automatically sent to them based on that action happening, no manual intervention required. Or think about customer milestones. What about product usage? So somebody hits a certain threshold in using your product, or perhaps it’s an anniversary.

Their one year anniversary of being a customer. Those can, again, trigger an automated action to generate a personalized video for that individual and send it out via email or another mechanism to engage them and create a brand moment or to re-engage them, again, in a sales conversation.

A second way to use just in time personalization is to empower your sales reps, account managers, or anyone across your business to easily generate one-off personalized videos and share them directly via email, social media, Vidyard GoVideo, or any other one-to-one communication channel.

For example, you could empower your sales reps to easily generate a personalized prospecting video right from within their email or CRM application and send it to a prospect as a way to stand out, to boost response rates, and to ultimately generate more business.

Or to empower your account executives to personalize a product demo, a customer testimonial or even an explainer video by bringing in the company’s name or company logo right into the video itself to create a memorable personalized experience.

Or think about your account managers. Perhaps a personalized video to help celebrate a customer milestone, such as being a customer for one year or for crossing a certain threshold in product usage and so on.

Or perhaps a personalized video for onboarding or welcoming the customer. Brings in information not only about them, but maybe customize the information about their customer support rep, their customer success rep, and so on.

One of the great things about these use cases is you can not only pull data from your existing data sources to personalize the video, but you could also allow the sender to customize it through a forum.

So, for example, in Vidyard go video, I could manually enter details for a custom message or the individual’s name and those will automatically be rendered into the video and sent giving me a high degree of flexibility in how I customize or personalize my content.

But knowing that the video itself is always gonna be the same, even though it looks like I sent it just for that individual. Now the last way you can use just in time personalization is something we call real-time personalization.

And real-time personalization is the idea of immediately rendering a personalized video on your website at the moment that person is engaging. So perhaps somebody comes to your website and fills out a form and are immediately then presented with a personalized video to thank them for taking that action and to progress through to the next step.

So lots of different ways you can use that, it’s really up to your imagination for how personalized video could work throughout any of these different ways to help accelerate marketing, sales, customer success, or even your own internal employee communications.

Now that you’re inspired with lots of great ideas for how to use personalized video, let’s talk about the type of impact and results you can expect to see so you can align these projects with your higher order business goals.

The first thing personalized video is really good at is helping you increase the click-through rates of top of funnel marketing campaigns, outbound programs, as well as cold sales prospecting.

Like our friends at Influitive who use personalized video to help promote their annual Advocamp conference and say eight times higher click-through rate on email promotions with a personalized video, versus email promotions without.

The second thing is to improve downstream conversion rates for these campaigns by building greater brand attachment through these memorable experiences.

For example, our friends at Boston University as well as the University of Waterloo use personalized video to reach out to students, to show them what campus life would be like for them and to ultimately exceed their targets for new student acquisition.

And, finally, to create wow moments that surprise and delight your prospects and customers and build that kind of personal attachment that just can’t be done with traditional text-based media. Such as we did ourselves here at Vidyard with our personalized holiday video campaign. Not only did we see incredible engagement in this video, but we saw responses from prospects, from customers, saying thank you, saying they loved the message and really appreciated the effort we put in to create such a video and to make them smile and laugh around the holiday season.

So if you’re looking for creative new ways to engage your prospects, to connect with your customers, or to breathe new life into your existing marketing and sales programs, personalized video can be a great way to boost conversion rates, to wow your audiences, to make you a true legend in your market and maybe even get you the kind of results that’ll make you employee of the year.

My name is Tyler Lessard and this has been a Vidyard Chalk Talk.