Personalization is a hot topic in the worlds of marketing and sales. How do we personalize the content journey? How do we deliver the right message at the right time to the right individual? How do we help our sales team personalize their outreach to better connect with prospects as individuals? and how do we create personalized videos? 

There are tons of ways to create personalized experiences for your customers and prospects, but therein lies the challenge: where do you start, and how will you show a material impact? The answers will be different for every organization, but understanding what you want the personalization to accomplish — what your goals are — will help to guide your decisions.

It’s All About Connecting

More often than not, the goal of creating personalized experiences is to connect with more people and increase their engagement in your message. Or in marketing speak, increasing click-through and conversion rates. When we started merging names into emails, click-through rates went up. As we started tracking the activities of prospects and curating what content to serve up next, engagement rates went up. And as sales reps began using social media to create messages that were more personally relevant to each individual or business, conversions went up. So as you think about your next foray into personalization, put on your conversion cap and look for points in your funnel or campaign strategy where increasing your connection and engagement rates could have the biggest impact on your business.

From Personalization to Individualization

From real-time web personalization based on company firmographics to curated content for individuals based on historical engagement patterns, personalization technology has come a long way. The next frontier will be going beyond simple ‘curation’ to personalizing, or individualizing, the actual content itself for different individuals and companies – and doing it in a way that is fully automated. I know, *mind blown*, right? Imagine being sent an eBook that’s exactly what you needed at that moment (curation), then discovering that the contents of the eBook itself have actually been tailored to you. Got your attention? Check. Got you to engage further in the content? Check Check. More likely to convert? Checkingtons.

Personalized Videos: Inspiration for True Individualization

But what if it wasn’t an eBook that was curated and personalized for you. What if it was a video? You know, something you were more likely to engage with in the first place (no offence, eBooks)? Well, that’s just what some of the most innovative brands in both B2C and B2B are now doing to cut through the noise, connect with more people, and boost their engagement in their message.

3 Amazing Examples of Personalized Videos

Below are three of my favourite examples of recent personalized video campaigns. Note that each individual viewer would normally see their own name, company name, etc. in the video (automatically pulled from the company’s marketing automation platform). For demonstration purposes, these are versions of each video personalized for my friend Matt Heinz (name) at Heinz Marketing (company). Thanks for playing, Matt!

First up is Marketo’s epic invitation to their Marketing Nation Summit event. If you saw your name in lights on the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, wouldn’t you click to watch? And just wait until you see your own name alongside Will Smith and Ann Handley…

Next up is Reltio’s personalized video that was launched as part of a content campaign to drive awareness and interest in its core offering. Watch for the viewer’s company name in the newspaper headline…love it!

Finally, an oldie but goodie, the personalized Holiday Greeting Video campaign that Vidyard sent out to its customers last year. What better time than the holidays to let down your guard, have some fun, and share something a bit more personal?

27 More Inspiring Examples

For even more inspiration, check out the new personalized video inspiration hub that showcases 30 different examples of personalized videos recently published by brands across a variety of markets. From high tech to finance to education and more, don’t get caught thinking that only big consumer brands can have fun with video. And for extra inspiration, you can always head over here to generate a personalized video just for you to see it in action.

The potential for personalization technology to create individualized experiences that help brands connect with people on a more human and relatable level is nothing short of amazing. But don’t forget about the need to apply the art, as well as the science, to ensure you’re telling stories that really matter to the individuals on the other end of the pipe…you know, the people.

Tyler Lessard