Everyone is used to your standard email, but when you start including a featured video in an email campaign, you change the game. All of a sudden, you’ve made things more interesting and irresistible (and all it took was a play button).

As it turns out, online audiences can actually process visual data 60,000 times faster than text alone, so adding a video is a huge win when it comes to both information retention and snagging the attention your brand deserves in the first place.

Whether it’s an email announcing a new product line, or a nurturing campaign targeting a particular demographic, adding the right, contextual video can make all the difference for communicating your message in a way your audience craves.

Today we’re proud to present the in’s and out’s of video in email in another episode of Good Idea/Bad Idea (our handy series on video best practices).

Sold on the value of video in email? Download our quick-read PDF with a few tips on harnessing this powerful marketing force!

You can also watch the first episode in the series here. It covers why adding video data to your marketing automation platform is a good idea, and what you’re missing if you’re not tracking engagement data yet.

Jennifer Pepper