Marketers live in challenging times. Our messages compete with 2,900 others daily for the attention of their customers and prospects. Inboxes are becoming more cluttered with the average person interacting with 121 emails each day. Attention spans are shorter now than every before (just 8 seconds…so I hope we haven’t lost you yet!). Email response rates are abysmal – just 18 percent of marketing emails get opened, and recipients only click through 2 percent of them. This all adds up to a clear and urgent need for new ways to drive engagement.

Recently, marketers have discovered a new tool to stand out, get noticed and keep their audience engaged. It’s called personalized video and it’s proving to make a big impact, increasing email conversion by 500% or more!

Personalized video allows marketers to reach each member of their audience on a one-to-one basis at a mass scale. Each recipient receives a custom video that includes information unique to them, woven right into the video itself. This could be something as simple as featuring their name, company name, job title, an image like a company logo, or a picture of their website at different points throughout a video. In addition to personalizing the video itself, each recipient receives a personalized thumbnail image to drive greater engagement. With Personalized video, the viewer becomes part of the story itself.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some great examples of how leading B2B companies have used personalized video, and the amazing results they’re seeing.

Lenovo: 4.5x increase in click-through rate and 400% higher open rates

In a recent holiday email campaign, PC maker Lenovo more than quadrupled click-through rates compared to previous campaigns. Even more impressive: in a campaign to contact inactive recipients (people who hadn’t responded to the company in more than six months), five times as many people opened the personalized video emails compared to those that weren’t personalized.

“We expected personalized video to improve the results, but we were amazed by how effective it was. Personalization makes a huge difference for getting noticed in a crowded market.”

Michael Ballard, Senior Manager for Digital Marketing at Lenovo

Act-On: 2x more engagement and 62% more time on page

Marketing automation provider Act-On, found that personalizing its videos resulted in more recipients actually viewing the content. Nearly twice as many people watched Act-On’s entire personalized video than typically watched other videos of similar length. Those viewers also spent 62 percent more time than average on Act-On’s campaign landing page.

“Our customer success team is in love with it. Personalization helped lead to more conversions on our email campaign, but it also kept them engaged longer with the message we were trying to deliver, which is what really matters.”

Linda West, Director of Digital Marketing at Act-On

Tradeshift: 10x increase in click-through rate and 231% more page views

Tradeshift, the leading global supplier collaboration platform, saw its click-through rate increase by a factor of 10 for its personalized holiday 2015 campaign, as compared to a similar campaign in the previous year that did not feature personalization. In turn, it led to a 231 percent jump in page views and an 88 percent increase in e-book downloads over the previous campaign.

“The results we have seen with video personalization capabilities have been remarkable. We understood it would have a positive impact on our engagement metrics, but the actual outcome was astonishing.”

Denica Stoyanova, Head of Digital Marketing and Marketing Operations at Tradeshift

Cetera Financial Group: 600% increase in click-through rates

Cetera Financial Group uses video content to capture the interest of new prospects and increase engagement in their lead nurturing programs. The rich video analytics provide new insights into customer behavior and their interest in Cetera’s services. During a recent email campaign featuring personalized videos, Cetera saw a 600 percent increase in email click-through rates.

“Besides the phenomenal metrics associated with personalized video, the technology is a real ‘surprise and delight’ for our customers that shows a level of sophistication associated with our brand”

Eric Hansen, Director of Demand Generation at Cetera Financial Group

These are just a few examples of how leading marketers are using personalized video in their email marketing campaigns. But the impact of personalized video doesn’t stop at email marketing. Sales teams are using personalized video to improve the impact of prospecting, events teams are using it to drive registration and attendance, HR loves it for recruiting, and customer success is creating personalized welcome and on-boarding videos.

Here at Vidyard we too have seen similar results with personalized video. We looked at the impact of personalized videos compared to non-personalized videos inviting customers and prospects to visit our booth at Dreamforce 2015. What we found was that our personalized videos resulted in dramatic increases in total and unique click-through rates and click-to-open rates.

In another test to promote the Space Camp Video Marketing Summit, we compared the performance of personalized videos sent to invitees against that of generic videos. Again, we saw impressive results.

Your Customers Will Love Personalized Video Too

When we talked to our customers about these results, we heard that the feedback from their audience was phenomenal. Many of them got emails back thanking them for producing such great content and asking how they did it. It’s not often that you get thanked for your content marketing, is it? Personalized video helped these brands stand out as innovative marketers producing content worth talking about.

Creating Engagement Is Just the Beginning

Personalized video has shown that it can get more viewers watching and keep them watching longer, but video holds the power to help businesses generate more value than increasing engagement alone. As the most measurable content medium, video can help to unlock valuable digital body language about your customer’s interests and intent to purchase. Marketing and sales teams can track second-by-second video engagement data for each prospect and pump that data into their marketing and sales tools to improve lead scoring, segmentation and customer insights.

So now that you’ve heard about personalized video and see how others are using it, how could you see it fitting into your business?

Check out our guide to personalized video to learn more about how this approach to video content can be used throughout the customer journey!

Jeff Gadway