Hey everybody, it’s Blake here with the final knock-your-socks-off episode of the Video Production 101 series!

You’ve been following along for the past couple of weeks where we’ve gone over the basics for the camera you’ll need, how to record quality audio, how to light up your videos, and video shot composition.

This last video doesn’t really cover how to edit, but I do include content on editing software options you likely have readily available to you, and some editing techniques you can use to make your video marketing content stand out as polished and professional.

Tips for editing your video marketing projects

Streamlining your editing process can make video production, on a whole, much easier and my tips should help you out.
These tips include:

  • Keep all of the footage and files used to create your final product stored together in one location on your computer
  • Add transitions where they feel right to avoid clips ending or beginning too abruptly
  • Apply consistent text overlays and visual elements for a professional look
  • Make use of video templates and components available on the Internet to build a brand look you love

That’s a wrap!

Thanks for tuning in to learn more about video production. I really hope you found these bits and bites of advice helpful for each topic, and if you have any questions or recommendations for different videos you’d like to see, be sure to sound off in the comments below. I’ll keep my eye out and make sure you get a reply!

Watch the entire series! If you’re trying to amp up your B2B marketing efforts, the video production 101 series was built for you! If you found this video helpful, be sure to check out the entire series in the How-To category of our blog!.

Blake Smith