Personalized video is an exciting new way to create unique content experiences that bring your viewer right into the story by weaving each viewer’s name, title, headshot/photo, and company name directly into the video itself in a fully automated way.

In this episode of Vidyard Chalk Talks we explore how you can use personalized video to boost your response rates, wow your customers, and become a real marketing legend.

With the power of personalized video, marketers are boosting response rates on:

  • Outbound campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing

You can also use personalized video on your website and directly with your sales team to create compelling 1:1 experiences that drive better conversion rates and help you generate more pipeline.

Personalized video can be a fantastic way to boost conversion rates for both inbound and outbound marketing programs, but it can also be used to support the buyer’s journey and even by your sales, customer success, and support teams to build better customer relationships, increase retention, and generate new upsell opportunity.

For example, we all know hosting events require a significant time and money investment, but you can get high returns if it goes well. A personalized video is a great way to invite your audience, drive higher engagement and more registrations, and ultimately a more successful conference. Or maybe you’re sponsoring an event and as a followup you have a list of leads you need to engage with. A personalized video can be used to help convert those leads into opportunities and generate a few more sales deals for your business.

You can also use personalized video to promote other content assets or hero campaigns that you’re doing as a marketing team. Let’s say you’re launching a new research report to your audience, think about promoting it using personalized video. You could include the individual’s name and invite them to download the report and explain how it relates back to their business by including their company name or logo.

Personalized video is really good at helping you increase click-through rates for top-of-funnel marketing campaigns, outbound programs, as well as cold sales prospecting. If you haven’t already, check out our Chalk Talk on personalized video today! You can even create and send your own personalized version to a colleague.

Need some inspiration? We have you covered, check out some different examples and use cases for personalized video to inspire your next big video. Or if you’ve got other ideas, sound off in the comments.

Tyler Lessard