Welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to talk about how you can personalize your video content in a variety of ways.

Personalizing your content at any level is a great way of engaging better with customers, and creating more memorable experiences for the people you market to. That said, many folks don’t know that this isn’t limited to just adding someone’s name to the email subject line. Here’s how to do it with video!

The first level of personalization is tied to your buyer personas. Creating content for each individual buyer that you cater to allows you to specialize your content so buyers can get exactly the answers they’re looking for. For example, Taulia has created videos for each of their personas, and if you’re in one of these roles, you know exactly how Taulia can help you get better at your job.

The next step in personalization is visual personalization – this one requires a bit more work and some design experience, so it may be something to work your way up to. In addition to adding a prospect’s name to the subject line of your emails, use a tool like Photoshop to add visual queues to the splash screen of your video when you link it from the email. This provides an incredibly compelling visual asset that only makes the play button more clickable.

Finally? Personalizing the video itself. Using a tool like Vidyard you can insert personalized details directly into the video, in addition to personalizing the splash screen. This level of personalization offers huge returns on engagement – up to 15 times higher than regular videos. You’ll need a specialized tool to do this – we can help – and the results are astounding.

I hope you find this information valuable! As always, if you have any questions please ask them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to cover them in a future episode of Video Marketing How-To! Thanks again for watching!

Jon Spenceley