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Show your audience they’re not just one of the herd. With personalized video, they’re not just a number, and they’re certainly not a farm animal. Connect with each person by weaving unique details into a video.


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Get on a first-name basis with success

Stand Out

Personalized content catches attention. Your customers can’t help but take notice when you speak right to them.


New personalization technology is already proven to increase initial engagement like click-through rates.


Beat the 8-second attention span. When a video speaks directly to each one of your audience, they’ll engage with you longer.


When people feel connected with a brand, they’re more likely to act. Personalized video helps propel prospects through the funnel.

Landing Pages and Websites

Include personalized video content on your website and campaign landing pages to engage your audience.

Webpage and Downloads Follow-Up

Send audiences a personalized video within seconds of them visiting your website or downloading your content to keep them engaged while your brand is top-of-mind.

Personalized Campaigns

Personalize a single video to deliver a unique, individualized experience to thousands of viewers. Include personalization in the video thumbnail and during playback to both get their attention and keep them watching.

Nurture Campaigns

Use personalized content in nurture campaigns to develop relationships with leads at different touch-points throughout the funnel.

Prospecting and Nurture Initiatives

Sales can send personalized and branded videos tailored to each lead’s needs (just a push of a button from a Salesforce contact record!).

Customer Onboarding and Retention

Turn new customers into thrilled customers and brand advocates with personalized, relationship-building content.

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Personalized Video

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