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We're here at the Vidyard office today to show you how to get the absolute best out of your iPhone. I'm Tylor Jackson. I travel the world creating videos in places like Antarctica on Safari in Kenya and even swimming with the pigs in Exuma, Bahamas–that's weird, right?

The most important part about creating a good video is lighting. Here in this boardroom light is not so good. Whether I am shooting through my iPhone or an expensive digital SLR, what I want to look for is good even lighting.

The easiest way to get good light is just park your iPhone in front of a window.

If you find yourself in a lot of bad lighting situations, consider getting a Lumee which is a phone case with some good light on it. Brought to you by Kim Kardashian.

Or if you have the space, you can buy two of these off Amazon for $50. And create an amazing light anywhere. If you notice that your iPhone is making the incorrect exposure adjustments and making things brighter or darker than they should be, you can click on your face so it exposure locks to your face and scroll up and down to make your face brighter and darker.

You want to shoot for the intended end use and most for business is going to be horizontal, but if you're shooting for Snapchat or Instastories you're going to want to shoot vertical.

The camera on the back of your phone is actually a lot better than the camera on the front of your phone so use the back camera whenever possible. If you find that your front camera isn't wide enough you can put on this wide-angle adaptor and make your camera a lot wider.

To up your video production even more you can get a rode smartlav plus. Which is a little clip on lavalier microphone that makes your audio a lot better. Here's an example from just the iPhone speaker. Here's an example using the rode smartlav plus If you want to get hands free, you can get one of these mounts for either your laptop or your table. This is a much more ideal angle than the laptop camera pointed out that your chin. Much more flattering and it ups your production quality quite a lot.

Also if you don't want to start the video by pressing the button you can use your headset to start and stop the video

If you want to up your video production game even more, you can get one of these stabilizers for a $150 and it will remove all shake and jitter from your video when walking.

And if you want to step your production game up even more, there is an app called Filmic Pro that lets you select white balances and also lock in manual setting so the exposure isn't changing over time.
Alright so those are a few of the tools and tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis to make better quality iPhone videos you don't need everything that you've seen this video but maybe start just with one or two of the pieces and go from there. What feels right for you.

Until next time I am Taylor Jackson and I’ll be here roasting marshmallows. I'm going to have to go buy marshmallows.