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1000's of legit professionals at companies like these use Vidyard GoVHS.


Set up your camcorder on a sturdy tripod, insert a VHS tape and press record. In no time, you'll be filming yourself in true 4:3 standard definition.


When filming is complete don't forget to write your recipient’s name on the tape, and add stickers, to make your video even more personable.


Once you're done filming, write the recipient's name and adding some stickers to the VHS tape are great ways to make your video more personable.


Kick it old school by shipping your GoVHS video to prospects, and clients through snail mail!

M. Kelso

Marketing Manager,
Kutcher Industries

I promise you are not being punked, Vidyard GoVHS is all that and a bag of chips!

C.M. Burns

CEO, Nuclear
Power Plant


C. Horowitz

CEO, Horowitz

Okay, so you're probably going, 'Is this like for real?' But seriously, it's for real!

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