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November 13, 2017

Here’s What Video Marketers Are Missing In Their ABM Campaigns

Personalized videos are great for grabbing attention. But account-based marketing (ABM) isn’t just about grabbing attention, it’s about starting conversations with your dream customers.

Recently, I received an email from a sales rep with a video made specifically for me. It started with the sales rep, John, saying “Hey Daniel, I made this video for you about how we can help Drift.”

John was taking an account-based approach with Drift, one of his target accounts and I was his VIP lead. To stand out, John made a custom video so I’d pay attention. I watched the whole video.

But John dropped the ball. He gave me a form to fill out after I watched the video.

Companies that practice ABM are finding new ways to dazzle prospects since both email and cold calling no longer work. Personalized video is great for ABM.

But ABM has a weak spot. And up until recently, it hasn’t been addressed.

While your campaigns might be creative and grab someone’s attention, the bulk of account-based campaigns are still driving their VIPs to lead forms.

Forcing your VIP leads—that your sales team is dying to talk to— to wait for follow-up calls or emails when they’re already live on your site and ready to talk is…ludicrous!

But I came to Vidyard’s blog with a solution for video marketers that are running ABM campaigns and want to level up on conversions.

With Drift ABM, you can greet your VIPs with a personalized message when they reach your website.


It’s like rolling out the red carpet for your best leads and your sales rep standing by the door to greet them.

Conversation is the missing element in your ABM campaigns.

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Don’t put a padlock on your front door

Your website is probably covered in forms. Gated content, contact us, free trials and so on are on every landing page. If you’re spending a lot of time coming up with content ideas for your VIP targets, they will probably come to your website. But on their terms, when they are ready.

When they do end up on your website, you don’t want to give them the experience of any other visitor to your site. These are your dream customers. You want them to know they’re in the right place and get the VIP treatment.

Putting a lead form between your VIPs–that you’ve been marketing to– and your sales team is like putting a neon “open” sign on your storefront but a padlock on the front door.

ABM is supposed to be a zero-waste approach since you’ve already identified who is a perfect fit for your product. Yet you know your landing pages with forms convert the minority of visitors rather than the majority.

That’s not helping your ABM campaigns.

How conversational ABM works

In short, conversational ABM is swapping out the lead forms, email nurture workflows, and several week shenanigans into a real-time, one-on-one conversation while your VIP is live on your site.


And this works for all your target accounts even if they’re anonymous on your website.

So imagine John, the sales rep that reached out to me, had sent that personalized video in an email, and because I was busy doing whatever I was doing, I never replied to him.

Well if he had Drift ABM set up and I visited his site at a later point – perhaps not even from the email but just Googling the company name – I’d be welcomed with a personalized message from John and presented the opportunity to chat in real-time.

If John wasn’t around to chat with me when I was on his site, a bot would jump in and book a meeting for me with John:

The best part? This is all set and forget. Meaning, after you’ve set it up, it just works. Your sales team’s personalized messages will automatically appear anytime your VIPs reach your website.

This approach is what we call conversational marketing. It’s what today’s forward-thinking marketing teams are doing to put their best leads in the fast lane, straight to sales.

The more personalized, the better

So run your personalized videos and don’t worry you’ll lose a prospect that gets turned off by your eleven field lead form. You can put all the creative juices into grabbing their attention and know that no matter how they end up on your website, they’ll have a direct line to their account rep with Drift ABM.

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Dan Murphy

Dan is a conversational marketing evangelist and works on the marketing team at Drift. Prior to joining Drift he was a Drift customer using conversation-driven interactions to improve his former company's sales funnel and customer experience.

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