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October 10, 2018

The Secret Weapon Marketing Needs to Share with Sales

It’s hard to know whether the unending hailstorm of sales and marketing alignment articles over the past few years is a cause or consequence, but the great thaw is here: Marketing and Sales are finally cooperating!


Nearly half (46%) of companies report their teams are highly aligned, according to a study from the Content Marketing Institute and LinkedIn—the highest level yet. Of aligned teams, 57% practice account-based marketing (ABM), a methodology that puts the two teams in close quarters and demands constant collaboration.

Things are looking good.

Except, old habits die hard. Marketing and sales teams aren’t sharing tools and tactics with one another and their silence can cost a company dearly.

Marketing teams understand the power of video

Video is the breakout marketing channel of the decade, but far more marketers use it than sales teams. Despite it being the inbox-busting weapon of choice for 87% of marketers, only 33% of sales teams say they use it consistently.

That’s like Captain Kirk not telling Spock he discovered a faster spaceship. Or Thelma not telling Louise she bought a bazooka, it doesn’t make much sense. 

When salespeople use video, the results are dramatic. At Terminus, the sales team boosted its response rates by 3x and netted a 37% higher click-through rate (CTR).

Read how Terminus boosted response rates by 3x

Any marketing organization measured on revenue that isn’t promoting the use of video to its sales team is leaving money on the table.

Video is a powerful full-funnel strategy

Miovision, a provider of traffic data for smart cities, discovered this almost by accident after the marketing team began using video as a tool for standing out, according to Matt Trushinski, Director of Marketing at Miovision.

“There are a finite number of municipalities and cities in the world,” Matt told Vidyard. “And within that world, people have limited time and attention. Their inboxes are crowded. So to get the most out of every campaign, we have to genuinely connect with our target audience and quickly convince them.”

People have limited time and attention. Their inboxes are crowded.
So to get the most out of every campaign, we have to genuinely connect
with our target audience and quickly convince them.” – Matt Trushinski, Miovision

Once Miovision’s marketing team began to drive pipeline with video, it noticed the customer success team was experimenting with video as well. They collaborated to better share, store, and analyze their videos.

When prospects and customers began commenting that they instantly recognized the Miovision team at trade shows, the sales team also took interest and started experimenting with personal video outreach. Suddenly the company was using video in every stage of its funnel.

The most surprising benefit of using full-funnel video was data. Video data granted Miovision a deeper understanding of every lead and account. Re hints about which individuals on the buying committee were interested in which products, from acquisition through to retention.

Better data throughout the funnel led to a better strategy. After mere months, Miovision achieved 4x higher email open rates and 3x higher CTR across the organization. In an industry where prospects are notoriously slow to respond, Miovision started to grow faster than ever, and they aren’t alone.

Miovision has achieved 4x higher email open rates and a 3x higher CTR across the business.
Read the case study

Hockey Stick Growth starts with coordination

Miovision’s success isn’t an isolated incident. Everywhere companies adopt video throughout the funnel, they see increasing pipeline, conversions, and retention.

ABM agency Punch! used video to generate 4x more qualified opportunities. Advocacy software Influitive used it to boost its event ROI by 800%. Even sports teams like the Kitchener Rangers are using video to attract fans and season ticket holders.

The more modern prospects become immune to outreach efforts, the more effective video becomes.

“People typically difficult to get on the phone with are now engaging with video content, and our webinar numbers have doubled, if not tripled,” said Matt. “We have hockey stick growth in a lot of our marketing metrics thanks to Vidyard and it’s given us a huge boost.”

Today, video is an incredibly effective outreach tactic. It’s inexpensive and scalable, and 87% of marketing teams know it.

But if they want to drive more revenue and reach hockey stick growth, they can’t do it alone. They need sales and customer support teams to use it so leads continue to soar through the entire funnel to retention.

Marketers, it’s time— share your video secret with sales!

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie is the writer and founder behind Find A Way Media which helps great businesses create killer marketing content. Based in Brooklyn, Chris spent years selling SaaS technology solutions and now helps those companies craft their content marketing strategies.

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