The Importance of Tagging

By Michael Litt in Content Marketing on January 17, 2013

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A few weeks ago, we slowly rolled out a new set of features designed to make it easier to organize the content in your account.

When we launched the product, we had assumed that people would only upload a handful of videos. As we’ve grown we’ve established relationships with content producers, digital video agencies, media publishers and really big companies that have started working with hundreds and eventhousands of videos in the Vidyard platform.

This led us on a journey: To identify the best organizational system for a large quantity of videos.

We went through many iterations (some of you may have even noticed these features live in your accounts). Traditional folder and drop down menu systems don’t work – we’re not going to build a video CMS that based on “projects” – getting through the data would be too hard.

Sorting is obviously important, but how could we make it easy to add videos to certain groups? How would that impact our integrations with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?

The obvious solution was tagging – but it’s a little more sophisticated (and awesome) then that.


Tagging exists on the video level. This was an important distinction due to the nature of creating multi-chaptered players (and we disclose aggregate analytics on a player level).

Need a refresher on Player vs. Video? Check out the blog post.

How do I use it?

We’ll start by taking you through the tagging process for an already uploaded video – it’s pretty much the same when you’re adding new content.

1) As always, start by clicking “details” of any player in the “My Players” section:


2) Hover your mouse over anyone of the videos in this “player”:


You’ll notice that a number of things appear, including a wild tagging field! This is where you’ll enter the tags for this specific video.

If you’ve already submitted tags into the system, simply click the field, and press the <down> arrow to see every tag you’ve ever created. Want to start something new? Type it in and press <enter> to submit.


In the above example, I created a new tag called “Homepage Video”. After pressing <enter> it is letting me add another – I’ll now press <down> on the keyboard and start adding appropriate tags that are already in the system. Click “Save” once you’re done.

That’s it! This is the coolest way to sort and promote content in your Vidyard system. But that’s not all.

YouTube is INCREDIBLY important to your video strategy for SEO and discovery. When you add tags to a video in Vidyard and push to YouTube – you’ll automatically be pushing the tags alongside of the content. This helps Google’s searching algorithms find your content – just another way that Vidyard is helping optimize your video strategy!

Not only this, but the tagging feature now allows you to see how videos with similar tags are performing at a glance:

How? Check it out:

1) Go back to the dashboard and search for your newly created or already existing tags in the search field:


2) Now, enter the tag you just created and press enter. For this example I’m going to search for the tag “website video” (all videos on our product site) and press <enter>.


3) You’ll notice a few things – first and foremost, the analytics will only display information for videos that appear in the search results! Secondly, the “my players” section will only show those that are associated with the tag. Modify, update and learn accordingly.

That’s it, that’s all. If you need any help, be sure to reach out on Twitter: @vidyard and get tagging!


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That was awesome, huh?

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