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September 26, 2017

Vidyard Launches Partner Ecosystem and Bold New Vision to Help Everyone Go Video

The rise of video as the king of content has been nothing short of incredible. Now accounting for 73% of all Internet traffic and more than 20 billion daily views on Facebook and SnapChat alone, video is transforming how we communicate. Perhaps most importantly, it’s helping us create more personal connections with prospects, customers and fellow employees in an increasingly digital age. That’s why we’re so passionate about bringing the power of video to every business professional, and why we launched our free video messaging app nearly one year ago. It’s also why, today, we’re announcing a brand new name, exciting new partnerships and a bold vision for bringing video messaging to everyone.

I’m excited to share that our flagship video messaging app, formerly called ViewedIt, is now Vidyard GoVideo. The new name is inspired by our community of 130,000+ users in 100+ countries who have embraced video messaging in countless new ways to transform how they communicate. We’ve seen everyone from business executives and sales reps, to educators and students, using personal video messages to share new ideas and build stronger relationships. To cut through the clutter and tell a better story. We’ve learned that the greatest value they place on the solution is actually quite simple: it’s helping them go video. It’s making it easy for them to capture, share and track video messages in a way that has a meaningful impact on their day-to-day results. This simple idea has inspired us with a bold vision for how we can help individuals and businesses go video in compelling new ways.

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Expanded capabilities for video messaging and sharing

Along with the new name comes an even greater commitment to helping our community leverage video to drive their success. With new features like YouTube synchronization and animated GIF thumbnails, Vidyard GoVideo now enables anyone to:

  • Create personal video messages and screen captures with one click
  • Optimize viewership with engaging animated GIF thumbnail images
  • Share videos instantly via Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Track audience engagement with video view notifications

For businesses looking to embrace video messaging in a more strategic and integrated manner, Vidyard GoVideo Enterprise now unlocks new capabilities to help boost the performance of sales, support, marketing, HR and other teams by:

    • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and other business apps
    • Empowering employees with instant access to shared video libraries
    • Tracking and actioning video viewing insights within marketing and sales tools
    • Enhancing videos with forms, calls-to-action and interactive annotations
    • Securing private video content with enterprise-grade security

Introducing the Vidyard GoVideo Partner Ecosystem

But for me, the most exciting news today is the launch of our Vidyard GoVideo partner ecosystem. This growing community of business technology providers will bring the power of video messaging to their own applications, powered by Vidyard GoVideo, to support our vision of helping every business professional go video. Together we’re bringing one-click video messaging to the business apps people work in every day, from their browsers and email clients to CRM, sales acceleration, marketing automation, customer support and more. The following application providers are among the first to adopt Vidyard GoVideo as a way to:

  • Bolstra: Enable customer success managers (CSMs) to build better relationships and deliver more personalized 1-to-1 communications.
  • Drift: Connect with website visitors that want to engage in real-time conversations in a more personal and engaging way.
  • Engagio: Help businesses stand out and boost the performance of account-based marketing and sales programs with personal video outreach.
  • Gainsight: Power more personal customer communications to drive retention, expansion, and advocacy for businesses at scale.
  • Influitive: Accelerate the impact of customer marketing programs by capturing video-based customer stories using the UpShot solution.
  • Madison Logic: Help B2B marketers use video viewer data and account-based information for more effective video targeting.
  • SalesLoft: Help sales teams boost response rates by more than 300% and accelerate pipeline by prospecting with personal video messages.
  • Uberflip: Enable sales reps to curate relevant content for key prospects and deliver via personal video messages as a better way to stand out.
  • WorkRamp: Instrument and power employee training including self-led, instructor-led, and virtual training with do-it-yourself video content.

Not only will these partnerships help an even broader set of users go video, they will help to ensure business professionals are offered a consistent and integrated video messaging experience as they move from one application to another. This is just the beginning of what’s possible when it comes to integrating video within the workplace, and we expect this community to grow quickly in the months to come.

Ready to go video?

Video is such a powerful way to connect and communicate, but until now it has been difficult and largely inaccessible for the average business professional. I couldn’t be more excited about how we’re changing that with Vidyard GoVideo, our new partner ecosystem, and our bold vision to make video ubiquitous across the workplace. It’s time to make video as easy to embrace in our business lives as it has become in our personal lives. Expectations of our audiences have shifted, and so too should the expectations we set for ourselves. If you haven’t tried Vidyard GoVideo yet, I encourage you to download it for free at and see for yourself if you’re ready to go video.

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Michael Litt

Michael Litt

Michael is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. In addition to growing Vidyard’s success, he is actively involved in the technology sector, acting as a mentor to various early stage companies.

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