Do you know any of those people on Facebook who post the memes that countdown how many days are left until Christmas? They’re so excited and pumped up about all the awesomeness that every day until the special date feels agonizingly slow…


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Okay so Buddy the elf might not be the most relevant image, but the point is, you should start getting excited now for Viewtopia®, the best video marketing conference (and maybe even the best marketing conference period!) of the whole year.

Okay, you probably need to know more to get really excited for Viewtopia®.

This year, our annual Video Marketing Summit will take on the theme of “Viewtopia®“, and will be held on November 9 and 10 in San Francisco. It’s where 500 marketers will get together for some of the most entertaining, inspiring, and innovative sessions and workshops – and there will be lots of opportunities to drink, mingle, and chat with peers and the conference’s experts. The summit is designed to give you exactly what you need to learn about the latest and best video marketing trends and strategies, and actually get the training and tools you need to put what you’ve learned into action when you get home.

Why is Viewtopia® the marketing event you can’t miss?

We know – there are countless marketing events happening throughout the year. You probably have limited budget and time to participate in them, so how do you choose? If you’re a marketer, you have to stay on top of the best and most innovative movements and technologies that are taking over and reshaping the industry. Video fits that bill perfectly.

Why? Well, over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth in the use of video for marketing. Video isn’t a scary or overwhelming or costly thing anymore. You don’t need to hire a massive agency with fancy equipment to make video that engages (and converts!) your audience. A lot of companies are making “scrappy” content in-house, by any number of marketing roles. But even these “scrappy” projects are taking on a new, creative and highly engaging flair with the rise of interactive video, personalized video, and live streaming (what’s next? Maybe even some Virtual Reality!). Video is everywhere, and it’s proving its value across organizations because it engages and converts better than other mediums.

Viewtopia® isn’t just for video producers. It’s for anyone in a marketing role, because video can help content marketers, product marketers, events teams, demand gen teams – essentially your whole marketing organization, and yes, even your Sales teams – to not only reach your goals but surpass them. And of course lots of fun stuff will be happening at the event, but we don’t want to give it all away just yet (last year we even had a real astronaut and an awards show!).

Here’s just a hint of some of the knowledge you’ll walk away with.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in our sessions and workshops:

  • Using video strategically throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Simplifying video creation for anyone in your business
  • Creating interactive and personalized content experiences
  • Using audience insights to improve the results of Demand Gen programs
  • Fueling Account-Based Marketing with personalized content
  • Developing a winning video strategy and getting the buy-in you need

And of course a lot more. Be prepared to get even smarter!

Does the Video Marketing Summit sound familiar to you?

This isn’t the first video marketing conference that we at Vidyard have created for all you wonderful marketers. While it’s the first of its name, it’s actually the 3rd annual Video Marketing Summit. In 2014, we ignited the the world’s passion for video marketing. In 2015, we held an out-of-this-world event in San Francisco where we explored the farthest reaches of space for the newest video marketing inspiration and strategies. This year, Viewtopia® is created to offer a world of different perspectives and ideas on video marketing. Because it’s when we start to look at everything we thought we knew, and see it through fresh eyes, that we can create something pretty magical for – and with – our customers.

You want to go, don’t you? You can register now!

You can get your ticket now! And it’d be a good idea since the early bird pricing lasts only until September 30!

Don’t want to take my word for it?

If you need more convincing, hear from these other marketers. They’ll tell you all about their own experience at last year’s conference.

What are you waiting for! Get more info and register now for Viewtopia® 2016!


Emily Ross