Pokemon GO may be all the rage, but here at Vidyard we’ve been PokeNerds for a long time. From trying to get Snorlax to move on our monochrome, brick-sized Gameboys to perfecting our Pikachu strategy in Super Smash Brothers, Vidyard’s marketing team is packed with Pokemon Veterans.

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon GO and a brand new lunch-hour addiction for our team, we imagined ourselves as Pokemon trainers and gym leaders, and looked at which Pokemon would be our loyal friends in the quest to catch ‘em all.

We want to be the very best – like no one ever was!

Kimbe & Noah

As the leader of the Content Gym, Kimbe and her Arcanine Noah bring in powerful PokeLeads with their commitment to quality, informative content. Noah uses Extreme Speed to create content faster than any other Pokemon, and Fire Fang to create red-hot blog posts.

kimbeEmily & Finn

Emily and her Umbreon Finn work late into the night building Vidyard’s PokeSite and Brand. Emily’s special bond with Finn allows them to use Tackle to bring complex branding concepts into focus and Mean Look to make sure people follow them.

emilyJulie & Piper

As the newest trainer in the Design Gym, Julie and her Jolteon Piper use their energy to create beautiful graphics for Vidyard’s content. Piper is always there to use Helping Hand to get design projects finished faster, and throw out a few Thunder Shocks when everyone needs an energy boost.

juAmar & Jam

Amar is not only the strongest member of the Rev Ops Gym, but he’s also the most focused. Jam, his loyal Pinsir, can use Focus Energy any time reports don’t look right, and Submission any time the data gets out of line.

amarJeff & Carmen

Jeff is a man of many words, and as leader of the Product Marketing Gym, he and his Ditto Carmen have to be ready for any battle with other gyms. Jeff helps show our customers and prospects the true power of Vidyard, and Carmen can Transform into any Pokemon that will help!

jeffJoe & Big Green

The days are long for Joe, the leader of the Rev Ops Gym, but his Snorlax Big Green is always there to help with a quick nap. After a long day of wrangling revenue data, Big Green loves to curl up for a nap, and uses Snore to make sure Joe gets one now and then too.

joeMike & Red

Mike is the trickster of the Rev Ops Gym, but his Cubone Red is no laughing matter. When our marketing automation gets out of line, Mike gets Red to whack it on the head with Bone Club, and throws in a Headbutt for good measure.

mikeRaj & Eva

As the leader of the Design Gym, Raj has to be both creative, and focused. His Dragonite, Eva never leaves his side, showing off her Hurricane attack when projects start to mount up, and boosting Raj’s creativity with a Dragon Dance when the going gets tough.

rajRob & Spoons

Rob leads the Partnerships Gym, and his Alakazam Spoons makes bringing on new agency partners a snap. Spoons helps Rob Teleport to agency meetings in far away lands, and uses his Psychic power to see just what each partner needs to be successful and happy.

robWes & Mr. Splashypants

Wes may be the tallest member of the Demand Gen Gym, but without his trusty Lapras Mr. Splashypants, even he couldn’t swim to all the islands in Vidyard. Mr. Splashypants uses Water Gun to help shoot PokeLeads out of the sky, and Sing to help Wes write soothing nurture emails.

wesKatie & Coco

Katie is the longest-standing member of the Design Gym, and her Vaporeon Coco has been there through thick and thin. When design projects pile up, Coco uses Muddy Water to clear away the clutter, and Helping Hand to do twice the design work in half the time!

KatieKim & Etta

Kim radiates joy and happiness at the Demand Gen Gym, and her Bellossom Etta can’t stop smiling. Kim and Etta team up to run the best webinars in the world, and Etta uses Energy Ball to make sure everyone is as excited as can be.

KimKari & Manola

Kari is the sole member of the Events gym, but with her Wigglytuff Manola she can do the work of a hundred trainers. Kari works hard to make sure Vidyard’s events are the best they can be, and Manola can use Dazzling Gleam to wow crowds of any size.

KariCam & Jay

Cam is the newest member of the Video Production Gym, and his Psyduck Jay is still getting used to all these moving pictures. Cam helps Vidyard customers personalize their video content, and Jay can use Psych Up to keep Cam going when videos take too long to render.

CamMat & Scooter

Mat is rarely found without a camera in his hand, and his Slowbro Scooter is usually not far behind. Mat writes and directs films for the Video Production Gym, and while he’s not the quickest pokemon, Scooter is always there with a Psyshock to keep Mat focused!

MatBlake & Bebop

Blake is the leader of the Video Production Gym, and his Blastoise Bebop means business. When complex projects pop up, Bebop uses Water Gun to blast them into tinier, more manageable pieces so Blake and the rest of the gym can attack.


Jesse & Snap

Jesse helps keep customers happy in the Product Marketing Gym, and his Zapdos Snap helps Vidyard soar above other companies. Snap is always there to lend a helping hand, using Thunder Shock to power our influencer marketing community.

JesseTom & Scorch

Tom is the newest member of the Partnerships Gym, and his Charizard Scorch is a force to be reckoned with. Scorch helps heat up cold leads with Heat Wave, and uses Inferno to burn anything that stands in the way of our partners’ success!

TomJon & Mick

Jon joined the Content Gym because he loves to talk, and his Meowth Mick can’t keep his mouth shut either. Jon whips up content quickly, and Mick uses Slash to cut through deadlines, and Echoed Voice to amplify posts on social media.

JonJodi & Gus

Jodi is the leader of the Demand Gen Gym, and her Ninetails Gus knows who’s boss. While Jodi travels the world generating PokeLeads for Vidyard, Gus uses his psychic abilities to charm prospects, and can use Safeguard to ensure potential customers are happy and comfortable.

JodiMatt & Zephyr

Matt is the newest addition to the Design Gym, building our PokeSite with his Koffing Zephyr. Matt turns complex design ideas into beautiful websites, and Zephyr can use Clear Smog to get rid of bad code and Assurance to make sure everything works the way it should.


Greg & Zap

Greg and his Voltorb Zap are masters at turning product ideas into great marketing campaigns for the Product Marketing Gym. Zap uses Spark to help get Greg’s creative powers flowing, and Rollout to make sure complex projects are always finished on time.

Greg-PokemonTyler & Viddy

Tyler is the grand master of the Marketing Gym, and his Pigeot Viddy means business. Viddy flies high into the sky so Tyler can see every other gym in marketing land all at once, and uses Aerial Ace to outsmart challenges, competitors, and quotas.


Want to join our Pokemon gym? We’re always hiring! Check out our careers page, dust off your PokeBalls, and help us catch ’em all! These amazing renditions of our marketing team were designed by the talented Katie and Julie!

Jon Spenceley