By now, pretty much every company has figured out that marketing automation platforms are pretty awesome. They’ve become crucial in capturing more leads, but also helping to identify better leads. With features like automated lead nurturing, grooming new business has become a very methodical and exact process.

However, a lot of companies still don’t include video in their marketing automation platforms. Granted, video is a medium that arrived later in most marketers’ strategies. But it’s been here for a while now, and for some reason, marketers still aren’t tracking viewing behavior to help build prospect profiles.

Here’s why you should be using video with your marketing automation platform:

1. Video gives you more accurate lead scores.

If you are already using video and aren’t looking at individual prospects’ viewing metrics, you are missing a big opportunity. Watching a video (or multiple videos) is a big sign of interest and engagement with your brand. The type of video watched should modify the lead score, since a prospect who has watched a full video tour of your product is probably more interested than one who simply watched your latest April Fools’ video.

And it’s also probably safe to say that a prospect watching an autoplaying video on a landing page is a good sign, but not as good a sign as someone watching a 25 minute webinar. Just like written content, videos house a massive amount of data that can be used to influence lead score and ensure that you have the best possible outlook on a lead. You can look at things like the topic of a video, attention span of an individual video, and total minutes of video consumed. Read this post to learn exactly how to strengthen your lead scoring model using video.

2. Your nurturing campaigns will get better.

Follow-up content is a special kind of beast. It’s crucial to keep your leads engaged once they have checked out your website, but choosing what content is always a hassle. In the end, all potential buyers want to feel like you understand them, specifically.

If a user downloaded a piece of content, there’s a fair chance they won’t mind you following up with an email. However, you can adjust nurture tracks on a much finer level with video. For example, if a potential customer stopped watching every video after 2 minutes but watched a lot of them, you might infer they’re interested, but maybe they have a short attention span (don’t we all?!) and likely won’t read — or watch — longer content.

Similarly, if a prospect is committed to watching a long recording of a conference to completion, you can probably assume that the subject matter is interesting to them, and they’ll enjoy things related to it.

That’s a level of information about your leads that you just can’t get when they simply download a whitepaper. A prospect downloading a whitepaper tells you he’s interested in a subject, or maybe they just liked the cover. Did they actually read the content? Who knows. But when they watch a video, you can gage the level of their interest by seeing how much of the video they watched.

3. The amount of video views is a flawed metric, amount of video watched isn’t.

A view is just that, it means someone clicked on your video. If everyone is dropping off after 30 seconds, maybe you aren’t addressing your subject quickly enough, or maybe the topic isn’t as interesting to your audience as you thought.  If you’re only tracking video views, and a lead clicked play on a video, you might think he’s interested in that subject. But if he stopped watching after 15 seconds, he’s probably not that interested at all!

If you only track video views, you might send him a white paper on the subject and have it fall on deaf ears. You’d have a lot more success sending him extra information only on the subjects for which he watched more than 50% of video content. But really, you should be spending more time with the leads that watched more of your videos, anyway. Those are the highest quality.

The amount of a video watched is an incredibly flexible metric that affects the way you score leads, but also how you follow up with them.

4. Video leads to more conversions.

Emails with videos get 2 to 3 times better click-through rates and landing pages with video drive 80% more conversions. With a video marketing platform, you can even generate leads from right within a video that automatically sync to your marketing automation platform with things like video calls to action and in-video forms. The leads generated this way will inherently be qualified better since you start with all the information generated from them watching a video in the first place.

It’s all there, in the numbers.

You’re catching the drift, video and marketing automation are really the perfect pair

Tracking the way your prospects watch videos gives you a level of information on them that no other type of content can give you. The number of videos, how long they watched them and the type of video watched all gives you insight into a prospect’s digital body language and their interest in you. This means you’ll see more precise lead scores and faster deal-to-conversion.

You’re probably producing video content already, so why not integrate it with your marketing automation platform? Doing so will only increase your return on investment for your videos and help you identify quality leads.

Max Doucet-Benoit