A New Vidyard feature – Embed Location Analytics!

By Michael Litt in Product News on January 17, 2013

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A few weeks ago, we decided to revisit the way we retrieve analytics. This was an important piece of creating the foundation for many new features built around our data services.

The newest piece of the Vidyard puzzle is Embed Location Analytics. That is, you can see exactly where your videos are embedded!


Use Cases:

  • Find out if someone has re-embedded your video (via our sharing tools) on another site
  • Check where your team has embedded a specific video
  • Reference number of views, location of viewers, etc. by cross referencing against embed location
  • Limit the sharing of private videos

Content Producers:

  • Track where your customers have embedded their videos and use this information to improve conversion and ROI!

This information is incredibly useful and for some reason, non-existent in the online video world. As always, we’ve made it as intuitive and easy as possible to find and leverage this data. To find out how, see below!

1 – Login to your Vidyard Account

2 – Open up a player by clicking the “details” button.


3 – Scroll down to the bottom (below analytics) to see a chart of “clickable” URLS that disclose the videos embed locations!


3a – But wait, there’s another option! The embed locations are also discoverable via the “Security” button at the top of the page. This is especially useful when leveraging our shiny new Domain Restriction feature – see if your videos have been shared an embedded outside of your realm!


That’s it, that’s all! If you have any questions about the technology it’s use-cases, or the meaning of life (and how it relates to professional video hosting), feel free to reach out on twitter! @vidyard


That was awesome, huh?

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