Every CSM knows that change can be a big sticking point for customers, especially a change like a new customer success manager. That’s why, when Brian Jacklin, previous CSM at Vidyard, confirmed that he was changing roles within Vidyard he knew that he needed to do something special for his 61 accounts. Something that informed them of the situation and let them know that they’d be well taken care of.

That’s why he turned to video.

Brian recorded a webcam video explaining the transition for his accounts to their new CSM, Jarrett Ash, and even asked Jarrett to record his own video to say hello to his new accounts, too.

The communication was a huge success with an unheard of 100% open rate. His video had 51 unique views (of 61 unique people who received it), and retained more than 65% of viewers all the way to the end.

We figured we’d be selfish not to share how they did it – and no one likes selfish – so here we are! Keep reading to learn the distribution strategy, see the video, and learn about the program’s results.

The Email

The video was sent through email from Brian to all 61 accounts.

Brian included the thumbnail of his video in the email as an image (that linked out to the video player on a separate sharing page) so that customers would:

  1. know there was a video and
  2. be more likely to click through since videos in email increase click-through rates by 50%.

Check out the email template Brian used – and customized – for all 61 contacts:

email template for customer support

The Videos

Both Brian and Jarrett recorded videos using their own webcam, computer audio, and Vidyard’s free tool called Vidyard GoVideo (formerly ViewedIt).

They recorded their videos separately and then added them as unique chapters within the same player in Vidyard. This way, viewers didn’t have to take any additional actions to watch the second video – the second chapter played automatically. It also gave viewers the option to skip Brian’s video (sorry Brian!) and meet Jarrett right away if they wanted!

video player chapters

You probably noticed that Brian included a note about the second video in the email copy as well to encourage viewership.

The videos were kept short: 47 seconds for Brian and 31 seconds for Jarrett for less than 90 seconds of total content. No one has any time for more than that these days!

Check out their videos below!

The Results

Most importantly, this communication outreach by Brian and Jarrett performed well and eased customers through the change with a personal touch. The program saw the following results.

  • 63 views with 51 unique
  • A 100% open rate
  • Brian’s video (the first one) kept about 65% of viewers all the way to the end
  • Jarrett’s video (the second one) kept about 75% of viewers all the way to the end
  • Brian also received a number of responses and customers were happy to be kept in the loop with such a personal message

Overall Video Results

customer success video engagement

Brian’s Video – Viewer Engagement Chart

video engagement customer success - brian

Jarrett’s Video – Viewer Engagement Chart

video engagement customer success - jarrett

Kimbe MacMaster