In the ever changing world of support, we know that creating high quality support is becoming harder than ever to execute. What’s the secret to success in this digital era? A truly outstanding customer experience—the kind that evokes heart-eyed emojis and maybe even a slow-clap.

More and more businesses are waking up to this reality but are finding that it’s becoming harder to deliver. Customers demand faster and better support practically by the day according to Salesforce’s 2017 State of Service report and support organizations are being asked to do more with the same old resources. So, what’s the best possible answer to creating more of an impact for your support goals? Video! Video is simple to record, convenient, and adds that personal touch to convey any message.

Marketers and salespeople have long known the explanatory power of video and it’s high time customer support organizations caught up. Why is video so impactful? Because it offers a higher informational throughput than legacy channels such as email, phone, or live chat.

Since video is the future for support, we wanted to make it easy for you to learn the best practices. Below are a few examples of how you can use video to to exceed your support goals.

Save Time by Replacing Phone and Email with Video Messages

Video is much more precise because support agents can record their screen as they perform the action. This leaves zero room for interpretation—it shows rather than tells—and is a huge time saver for both the sender and the viewer. Agents need only a few minutes to record a just-in-time video and customers need only the same to view it. There’s no email writing, rewriting, or editing. There’s no waiting for the customer to return from inactivity during chat support or having to repeat themselves over the phone. Agents can move on to other tickets in the interim.

Optimize videos to increase team efficiency

Video analytics allow you to continually optimize your entire team’s performance. As agents create, send, and save videos, your team can review what worked, what didn’t, and see where they can improve. Unlike other forms of support content such as emails, portals, PDF guides, and FAQs, video offers a wealth of usage data such as how much of each video a viewer has watched and where they’re struggling, rewatching, and pausing.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Video

Videos boost customer satisfaction. In a day and age when more and more support is automated, customers who can’t fix their own problems are typically dying for the type of human connection that video delivers. With video, customers can actually see your agents empathizing with them, can hear their name spoken, and can see the physical gesture of a hand reaching out which shows that your team takes their issue seriously.

Increase Productivity with a CRM Integration

Agents who automate their video responses are far more productive. A good video automation platform will offer a super tight CRM integration. This allows agents to create and share videos from CRM support responses, automatically ties videos to customer case records, and even triggers actions. For example, if a distraught customer only watches 25 percent of a support video, agents can be notified to reach out.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what the best support agents are doing to reach their support goals, take a look at the eBook now!

Taylor Jones