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November 22, 2017

Do Customers Actually Find Your Support Videos Useful?

Congratulations if you’re among the thousands of businesses that have created a library of customer support videos! Just don’t celebrate too hard—creating them is only the beginning.

Like any product, your videos are targeted to solve a specific customer problem. You can’t know if you’ve achieved your purpose and whether they are measurably impacting your support metrics until you start looking at the data. Data which, if you’re using a video support platform, you should have access to a treasure trove of through your analytics.

Log in and let’s take a stroll through how your customers use your videos so you can optimize them for impact.

How to know if your customers find your videos useful:

Find out what they’re watching and where

Knowing how, when, and where your customers consume your videos can tell you a lot about what they’re seeking. Take location or device data, for example:

  • Customers from different countries may have different language preferences
  • Urban and rural customers are likely to have different questions
  • Mobile and desktop customers are likely to have different viewing habits

These differences can be illuminating, and if you don’t tailor your videos to your audience, customers may not find the answers they’re seeking.

Just consider the phenomenon of the silent mobile video. Over 85 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. Why? Because most Facebook users are on mobile, most people on mobile are in public, and most people in public don’t want to bother others. If most of your viewers are on mobile and you don’t include subtitles, they probably won’t watch your support videos.

Always collect post-video feedback: Use a pop-up to query customers on whether videos sufficiently answered their questions. Learn more here.

Identify all the location, language, and device characteristics of your customers and review your videos to make sure they’re a match.

Find out who is watching what

Filtering your customers by customer persona can reveal a broad range of viewing habits. You may find that certain complaints are specific to specific industries, such as banks being overly concerned with data security or software startups being ravenous for technical details. You may find that new users commonly exhibit a deep interest in setup videos while long-time users are far more interested in upgrades, workarounds, and patches.

Write down the viewing habits of each persona and compare those to their support metrics. Are videos having an impact on case deflection, first contact resolution, NPS, or average handling time? How might you incorporate them more fully to empower your agents and improve results?

Find out how they watch

Use persona-based viewing data to compare individual videos to each other. Do customers commonly watch some videos all the way through and not others? What’s the difference? Do they seem to find some lengths or styles preferable? Begin a list of best practices and come up with questions for customers.

For instance, what is happening when multiple customers re-watch a particular video segment? Are they finding it so useful they’re rewinding to show others or are they confused and unable to understand?

Here are a few areas you might explore with customer research:

  • Ask customers how they feel about self-help videos
  • Track how customers find your video. Are they optimized for SEO?
  • Track video as a touchpoint in the customer journey
  • Ask customers how you might improve their usage of support videos
  • Track whether video resolves complaints or serves as a precursor to a support call

With data in hand, you can start to optimize and improve your video library.

Use the data to improve future videos or tweak current ones

With a laundry list of improvements, it’s time to reassess your video library. Is it accomplishing its job? Are these videos garnering relatively high engagement and completion rates or are they just adding more complication to the customer support journey? How else might you improve them? What videos are missing from the library that should add?

Turn these questions into edits, and you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your support video experience to truly serve your customers.

Want to increase customer satisfaction too? Watch our Chalk Talk, Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Support Load with Video.

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie is the writer and founder behind Find A Way Media which helps great businesses create killer marketing content. Based in Brooklyn, Chris spent years selling SaaS technology solutions and now helps those companies craft their content marketing strategies.

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