So you made an incredible video, sent it out to your internal teams, encouraged sharing, uploaded it to YouTube and waited for the marketing fame to roll in.

Unfortunately, each time you obsessively checked throughout the day, your view count wasn’t as impressive as you’d hoped.

First off – don’t stress, we’ve all done it. But after you’ve spent time, energy, and money to make really amazing video marketing, it’s all about actively making sure your videos get in front of your target audience (not just your mom).

A great distribution strategy covering all major channels will have you sharing your videos with Oprah-like levels of excitement.

Everybody gets a video!

Get Your Video The Attention It Deserves

Once you have optimized your content with an engaging splash screen, an email gate (where appropriate for late funnel content), and a compelling call to action, it’s time to make sure everyone sees your masterpiece.

Here’s a checklist of 15 places to share your video marketing content every time you have something new.
As a bonus, we’ve summarized the whole list for you to keep posted in your workspace (You can find it at the end of this post!)


YouTube is a mustOne of the first spots you’ll want to upload to is YouTube. As the second largest search engine, it’s imperative for your brand to use YouTube strategically to showcase your videos far and wide.

Because YouTube alone isn’t a video strategy, your goal should be to use the channel to gain a lot of attention and drive viewers back to your website where they can consume more content free from distraction. As a bonus, once they’re back on your website you’ll also be able to track their behaviour with video engagement data.

When uploading videos to YouTube, however, watch out for cannibalizing your own SEO efforts between YouTube and your website. Instead, change your descriptive title just slightly from the title you use when you embed your video on your own website with metadata. More details on multi-platform promotion can be found here.

Your website or campaign landing pages

Because buyers now go through nearly 70% of the buying process independently before ever talking to sales, it’s important to include videos in a guided product tour on your website so that you can be as persuasive as possible and make a more human connection.

Videos embedded on your site can help increase conversion by 80%, and Google recognizes pages where a click leads to longer time spent on a page. This ultimately means that if your viewer’s click and watch a two minute video, those two minutes will end up making your site content more sticky, and thereby more likely to appear in Google search results because you can hold the attention of interested viewers.

Email campaigns

use video in email!In a GetResponse study of nearly a billion emails, those containing video had a 96% higher click-through rate when compared to non-video emails. This staggering increase in engagement with the inclusion of video makes adding an embed link here a no brainer.

For some best practices for video in email, and some cool examples, check out this post on why video and email is the perfect marketing combo.

Email signatures

Beyond email campaigns you send out to promote your video, have your team members change their email signature to include a catchy line with a hyperlink to your video embedded on your site. Our video specialist Karl does this with his signature and you can switch up your signature every time you release a new video:

change your email signature to include video


SlideShare is a great place to gain the attention of a B2B audience, and even better considering you can embed a YouTube video into your deck.

After uploading your slides, in the ‘My Uploads’ section, beside the SlideShare you’d like to change, click ‘Edit > Add Video”.

add video to a SlideShare

Enter the URL of your YouTube video, select which slide you’d like it to appear after and you’re set. For further instructions you can see this FAQ.

Social networks

When distributing your videos, social channels are your best friend. You’ll want to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ but you’ll also want to consider a clever use of Instagram and Pinterest.

When you have a piece of long-form video content, you can use Instagram video to create a teaser trailer directing everyone to your longer-form content. Just take a look at how Mercedes used this method to promote a full length video about their F-Cell car:

Video in PinterestMoreover, beyond just posting your videos to Pinterest using the pin button under your YouTube player’s share menu, it’s a great idea to capture and pin still images from your video with text overlays of quotes from the video’s content. By using strong quotations from the video you’re cleverly repurposing your content for not only a highly visual site like Pinterest, but also for use on your blog.

Here’s an example of a video still you could pin with a link to the full version video:

pin stills of your video with quotations

Other places to share

To top off the list, you’ll want to distribute your videos in these locations too:

  • Sales assets: Re-use relevant content wherever appropriate
  • On your blog: where you’ll want to use the surrounding text to transcribe your video’s key phrases in order to have the content indexed by search engines
  • Press releases, and
  • Partner blogs: contact your industry partners and ask if they’ll feature your video content on their blog. If it’s relevant, helpful stuff they might ask for contributed content where you can include the video you’d like to share.

Go forth and share!

Helpful checklist to keepNext time you release a video asset, don’t miss out on any opportunities to share. Use our handy checklist to make your content go as far as possible:
Click here for your PDF copy of the checklist

Jennifer Pepper

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  • Here is a great page we just put up that expands on video distribution and views increases. The page also lists about 25 video sharing sites like

    Here is the strategy

    How to use ALL these Video Upload and Share Site to Magnify your Website Traffic
    Create a video.
    Make multiple copies of the video giving each one a different name made up of a different long tail keyword related to the video.
    Make sure you brand the video with a short, catchy headline with a url just underneath that points to your website. For example, see the one we have embedded in all the images above.
    Upload a different video to each of the video share/upload sites. When I say adifferent video what I mean is, all the videos are the same video but each one is named with a different long tail keyword, as per step #2, above. Pick a differently named video for each of the video sites.
    Create a description for the video, in spin syntax, which includes a link to your website/blog. Use a url shortener to create several different variations of the url to your website. Make sure two of those variations are the http://yourwebsiteurl and http://www.yourwebsiteurl variations as Google sees http:// and http://www. as two different urls.
    Include a link, in the video descriptions, to the first video you upload. What I mean by that is, lets say you post the video to 15 of the video sites. The descriptions for 14 of those video sites will have a url pointing to the first video uploaded. This can amount to a lot of strong link juice to the first video boosting it rankings/placement in search results. For maximum effect make the video that all the other video descriptions are pointing to be one of the most popular video share sites like youtube, vimeo, daily motion.
    Only use one keyword/tag for each of the videos you upload. Make that keyword or tag be the long tail keyword the video is named after. For example, if one of the videos you upload is named how-to-sell-ebooks-online.wmv use the keyword or tag how to sell ebooks online and ONLY that keyword for that video.
    Use the same long tail keyword for the headline for the video. Use a special character, of some sort, to help the video really stand out in search results.

  • Sorry for the horrible formatting.

  • Hartator

    You can also use MediaNest, it helps you manage all your videos from one place:

  • Thanks for the video sharing tips; will take immediate action to get your suggestions in!

    • Kimbe MacMaster

      That’s what we like to hear, Andrew! What are you going to start with first?

  • Well Kimbe, I am glad you asked. It will be my new email signature; working on it as we chat. Thanks for the easy to implement action oriented steps. Although, I am ready to reach higher. My next BIG step…World Domination. Gee, shades of Pinky and The Brain! 🙂

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