Top support teams around the world have a not-so-secret weapon—video.


By adding video to the post-sale customer experience, organizations are able to provide a personal touch and engage better with customers across their entire lifecycle.

When it comes to using video for support, companies turn to the expertise of Jesse Ariss of Vidyard and John Ragsdale of TSIA. For the first time ever, they will share publically the top questions they’ve received along with their answers and thoughts.

You’ll learn things like:

  • Is it okay to be funny in my videos?
  • Do my videos have to be polished and high quality?
  • How can I tell if my videos are impacting my deflection rate?
  • And more!


John Ragsdale John Ragsdale

John Ragsdale

Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research

Jesse Ariss Jesse Ariss

Jesse Ariss

Senior Product Marketing Manager