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July 10, 2015

6 Videos Every Company Should be Making

You know that video’s a ‘thing’.

And you’re all for adding these great motion pictures into your marketing toolkit. But sometimes you wonder what you should be creating.

Firstly – never lose that wonder, that’s the magic of your youth comin’ through right there! But, secondly, this is a common conundrum. Truth be told, there’s no one specific recipe that’s sure to give you a well-balanced video content library … surprise, surprise. But you do want to make sure that you’re offering a variety of video content throughout the whole funnel. Here are some great ones to consider.

1. Homepage or Overview Video

What do you do? You have such a short time (8 seconds!) to capture your audience’s attention and give them a reason to learn more. Video is up for the challenge. Boost engagement right away and convey exactly what you do and what problem it solves.

This one’s an absolute must.

2. Culture Video

No matter how much we try to ignore it, people buy from companies they like. Even if it’s a particularly strategic, and seemingly objective decision; a buyer’s affinity for a company’s team has been shown to impact their purchase decision.

So show off your team! And do it with video in addition to those fancy headshots you have, because video is the next best thing to being there in person!

3. Recorded Webinars

You spent all that time organizing your webinar speakers and coordinating content, slides, and a near-flawless execution. So why let it go to waste after the one hour presentation? Gate those on-demand webinars and keep bringing in the leads!

4. Product Feature or Demo Videos

People want to see inside your product and want as much “try before you buy” as possible. Showing them what they want through video is more effective than pictures because a) it’s more realistic to a real-life experience and b) it’s easier to explain a complex concept with both visual and audio!

5. Customer Testimonial Videos

You can’t really fake a video testimonial. A text-based quote like:

“We really love working with ABC company and have never been happier!”
– Krista, Massachusetts

isn’t really that convincing. Who the heck is Krista, anyway? But hey, get Krista on camera in her office, and your audience is a lot more likely to believe she actually does love being a customer of yours – not only because she’s real, but because you can read her authenticity on camera.

See this concept in action in GE’s testimonial for Salesforce. Ask yourself: would text have conveyed the same message?

6. How-to Content Videos

Every week you’re pumping out content for your audience to consume, learn, and show their interest in your industry and the problem you solve. So why not throw video into the mix? Since video’s the audience of 2015’s preferred content medium, you’d be missing out if you didn’t. So take a leap from the text and start up a video series for snack-sized content.

Check out our Marketing Manager, Jon, in the series he started up recently on Video Marketing How To!

At the end of the day, video should be slotted into your marketing tactics on a consistent basis. It’s got the power! So how are you using video?

Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe MacMaster

Kimbe is the previous Manager of Content Marketing at Vidyard. She loves all aspects of content marketing and has a special place in her heart for using video to drive real business results. She is also moderately (okay extremely) obsessed with her fluffy chow chow, Noah.

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