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March 16, 2015

Video Promotion: Do It Right, And It Can Be Your Magic Potion!

We’re all in the same boat when it comes to videos that we need to promote: we can’t just do it by rote. You need to be creative (maybe use a flute-playing goat?). But more importantly, if you want to do more than just stay afloat, get strategic with your tactics to get rollin’ in bank notes.

Okay, I’m done now, I promise. But seriously, it’s not enough to just create awesome video marketing content – you’ve got to share and promote it to engage potential customers and rack up leads. If you want some actual great advice on how to promote your video content, check out this infographic below. It shares real tips and tricks from marketers of some top-tier brands on how they get their videos noticed.

Video Promotion

(Note to you: this infographic was originally published in Lesson 4 of the Video Marketing Institute. Check out the complete lesson to learn more about maximizing your video’s impact through distribution and promotion.)

You can also learn how to use paid promotion tactics to further your reach. Read all about that here.

Oh, still room in your brain for more video promotion and distribution content? Get the e-book on how to better utilize your website!

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Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Emily was previously the Brand and Creative Manager at Vidyard. Today, she's a UI writer at Intel. Emily loves creating interesting and unique content oh, and food...if you haven't already noticed, she loves food.

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