The adoption of account-based marketing (ABM) is only continuing to rise...


But, what do the best B2B organizations do to find success with ABM? And, more importantly, what pitfalls are they careful to avoid?

We’ll explore the strategies and tactics the top B2B professionals use to execute ABM. Then we’ll dive deep into one of our favorite tactics—video.

Video is one strategy companies are using to humanize ABM initiatives and forge personal connections that last, but you’ve got to use it the right way. Join Vidyard and Engagio as they dive into new benchmark data on how top marketing teams are using ABM and video to forge personal connections that last.

You’ll learn more about:

  • What pushed companies to invest more for ABM initiatives in 2019
  • Why 1-to-1 video is your best bet for engaging key accounts
  • How other companies split budget and team resources to tackle ABM
  • Common types of videos you should produce to win over target prospects


Brandon Redlinger Brandon Redlinger

Brandon Redlinger

Director of Growth

Jesse Ariss Jesse Ariss

Jesse Ariss

Senior Product Marketing Manager