Did you know 64% of business rank brand awareness as a top KPI for content success?


Today’s buyers are savvy and often seek out their own answers, and where they’re looking may surprise you. It’s no longer enough to just create good content - you have to have a plan for where your content is going to live, and how you’re going to measure success.

Join Kapost and Vidyard to find out what best-in-class marketers do differently according to new research from Ascend2 and more importantly, how you can replicate their success.

You’ll learn:

  • The most effective types of marketing content to create
  • How to analyze and measure the success of your channels
  • Why timing is key when it comes to distribution
  • How to use video to improve your campaign’s success


Paralee Walls Paralee Walls

Paralee Walls

Director of Content Marketing

Greg Kelly Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly

Channel Program Manager