That button is, of course, video, and like a big homing missile, it can have a devastatingly positive impact on deals if aimed properly.

Only, today, let’s give all the theory a rest. You’re here to crush your Q4 and we’ll jump straight to tips that’ll help.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what they’ll discuss:

3 bunker-busting steps for applying video to your Q4 sales:

1. Aim before you launch video within your funnel

Video is a precision instrument and before you apply it, ask yourself where you’re stuck. Do you need leads? To move deals forward? To get signatures? Here’s what to do at each stage:

If you need pipeline, use video to book meetings

Video outreach can act like nitrous oxide for your lead flow. Go for the low-hanging fruit and target closed-lost leads from 6-12 months ago as well as prospects who recently went dark. Record personalized videos for each and send them via email with thumbnails showing the prospect’s name on a whiteboard. These clips often inspire enough curiosity to deliver 8x higher open-to-reply rates.

And if you sell multiple products, use video to reach out to stakeholders from different business units to snare their interest and increase your deal-size.

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If you have pipeline but it’s stuck, dislodge it with video reminders

Kickstart deals that have stalled out by introducing something new. Give them a good reason to come back to the table, such as:

  • A new offering or bundle—Alter your discount and rename it “the end of year special.”
  • A new thought leader—Schedule an internal expert to talk to them.
  • A reminder video—Restate the prospect’s initial interest and revisit the benefits they had hoped for.

If you have the deals but are losing them, cement a personal connection

Despite what prospects may say, how they feel about your team heavily influences whether they’ll sign with you. Cement a positive impression by sending them videos about who you are and what your company stands for, introductions to their future customer support team, and customer testimonials. If it comes down to a close race between you and a few other vendors, that personal touch may be enough to tip the balance in your favor.

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2. Fire away with the right videos and content

While repeated practice, training, improv classes, and time spent moonlighting as a Broadway performer will all help you on video, it’s too late for that now. Here are some lightning-fast tips to improve how you present in your videos:

  • Choose the right type of video—Use video formats that match your prospect’s funnel stage and interest level. In the early stages, keep it short with webcam videos introducing yourself or highlighting a reason to talk. Other times, like now, it’s better to use a screen-capture, profile-pull, or micro-demo where you can drive home benefits and end-of-year urgency.
  • Improve your body language—Breathe deep, sit back, maintain eye contact, smile for real, and make sure your body language says, “I’m trustworthy.”
  • Make it personal—Video beats email or phone calls because it delivers emotion. Be personable in your delivery and relatable in your call-to-action.  

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3. Adjust to maximize your results, fast

Use prospects’ viewing data to prioritize your outreach. If you send 50 videos and of those, five prospects watch them all the way through, those are your best leads. Call them first. And if they rewatched particular parts of the video, say, where a certain product is shown, talk about that product.

Also, experiment with changes and see how they impact your results. Many reps have tremendous success adding “Video” to the email subject line, drawing pictures beneath the prospect’s name on their whiteboard, and varying the video length.

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Chris Gillespie