Introducing Vidyard for Sales

Audiences love video, and demand it more and more for every interaction – not just for personal experiences, but for business as well. Marketers have discovered the measurable impacts of video, including converting more, better-qualified leads, and gaining better insight into customers, content performance, and ROI.

But how can video help sales teams?

Sales teams have their own set of unique challenges, from onboarding and training new reps to decoding customer interests and behaviors to delivering a consistent brand experience. Did you know video can help? Here’s how:

Onboarding and training

It can be challenging for new reps to ramp up and quickly deliver effective pitches and demos. Video makes it easy to consistently scale high-quality presentations and more.

Offering great demos anytime, anywhere

Usually only a few people in an organization have the skills and knowledge to give strong, powerful demos. Video allows these demos to be leveraged on demand without a sales engineer needing to be present.

Focusing on the right deals

Reps work with the best information they can get when deciding which deals have the highest likelihood to close. Video allows reps to focus on the higher propensity opportunities by measuring indicators of purchase interest and intent like time spent watching, number of views, and more.

Accessing the best reference customers

The best reference customers may not have the time or desire to be available for more than a limited number of opportunities. Video allows the best customer references to be brought into every deal, on demand.

Measuring performance

Sales management has limited insight into which marketing assets close deals and which reps are using them. Video analytics make it possible to determine which assets perform the best, and which reps are using them effectively.

How can you do all this? With Vidyard for Sales.

With all these benefits, why have so few sales organizations embraced video? One of the biggest challenges has been accessing easy, on-demand video content from teams like marketing and roles like sales engineers. Then, sales teams have to get that information to the right customers quickly and effectively.

That’s where Vidyard for Sales comes in. It’s an amazing new solution that solves these problems and empowers Sales by putting video in their hands. Now Sales professionals, for the first time, can easily access and send a hand-picked collection of videos directly to a prospect, and then track video engagement, so they can speed up deals and improve close rates.

How does it work?

  1. Access and hand-pick the video content that is perfect for a specific lead
  2. Create a custom video playlist
  3. Record a friendly, personalized video greeting if you wish
  4. Create an email using well-designed layouts to organize the video content
  5. Track who is watching and for how long to gain insights into leads

Vidyard for Sales will transform the way sales teams prospect, nurture deals and track performance of sales reps. Let’s take a look!

Let’s get specific…

Prospecting with Video: Connecting with leads on a one-to-one level.

Just as a baseball player can improve their on base percentage by getting more at-bats and increasing their performance at the plate, sales can improve prospecting outcomes by making the process more efficient and more effective.

Vidyard for Sales makes it easy to cut through the noise of competitors, and increase conversion rates, all while managing a high volume of accounts. Sales teams can send high-quality, highly curated video content right from the Salesforce contact record. Inside sales teams can create playlists of video content suited to particular customer personas or use cases, personalizing the playlist quickly with a video greeting message, and then sending it in an email.

Selling with Video: Focusing on the right deals and keeping them moving…fast!

Achieving quota month after month means continually building pipeline while at the same time developing current deals. Like fruit that needs to be picked while it’s ripe (but not before!), sales opportunities need to be seized and advanced quickly before they go cold.

Vidyard for Sales can help account executives be more efficient and productive by sending a curated set of videos to each lead, and then prioritizing the opportunities for the highest success based on how the leads engaged with the video content. Then, they can immediately send over follow-up videos like a demo or customer testimonial so they can keep deals moving fast.

Sales engineers benefit from selling with video, too. By using video  to deliver early-stage product demos, sales engineers can support more sales reps and more deals with consistently high-quality demos. The time they save can be spent focusing live, hands-on support on later-stage deals.

Measuring performance: Arming sales with the best tools for success.

Building a high performance sales organization requires sales leaders to identify the tactics that are producing the best results and scaling them across the team. This isn’t possible without good data! With Vidyard’s video for sales, identifying which videos are most impactful at which stage of the sales cycle is now possible, as is seeing which sales reps are using these assets effectively.

We’re thrilled to extend the potential of video beyond the realm of marketing. We know that Vidyard for Sales will have a tremendous impact on sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Jeff Gadway